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“Habit and routine have an unbelievable ability to waste and destroy.” Henri de Lubac

Now that “change-agent” Uranus has entered “new beginnings” Aries and the nurturing Moon is in curious Gemini, today is a good time to break with our normal routine to allow for new experiences. The Gemini Moon is all about learning, and demands a good dose of mental stimulation. Visiting a library or a bookstore, or taking in a movie with friends and then chatting about it afterwards, fits this Moon like a glove. Also favored are shorts trips and sightseeing. Or attending lectures and seminars.

Later, the Moon’s square to the contemplative Pisces Sun (6:46 pm EST) suggests that we may want to slow down our pace and go inward for reflection. Also, we may need to tune out discordant people or negative elements from our environment. This strategy also helps to conserve our energies. Sometimes with the Moon and Sun in stressful alignment, especially in the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) we tend to to scatter our resources, or get to feeling overwhelmed. That is why it is important, when feeling this way, to reunite with our center.

Famous Birthdays March 12: Liza Minnelli (65), Mitt Romney (64), James Taylor (63)

In the News: On the very same day that “rebel” Uranus moved into “sports-ruling” Aries, talks between the National Football League and its players union collapsed, with the players union reportedly filing paperwork in federal court to de-certify the union. The dispute is now on route to the courts. (WSJ.com)

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