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“Patience and wisdom walk hand in hand, like two one-armed lovers.” Jarod Kintz

This may be a day when patience and perseverance pay off handsomely for us as we have assertive Mars conjunct exacting Saturn. Generally a time when it is suggested that we proceed at a slower pace and employ thoroughness and focus to all of our affairs.

Sometimes with this aspect we do meet up with unexpected delays or restrictions, which can, of course, test our patience. Unless we perhaps shift our perspective and allow ourselves to view any roadblocks as ultimately working in our best interests, for whatever reason, as Saturn is a great teacher. Also, our actions may provoke more scrutiny from others now.

Too, this is probably not the time to challenge authority figures or to buck the status quo, unless we have carefully done our due diligence and feel confident defending our position.

Sweet Venus is also opposing intense Pluto, an influence that tends to heighten our emotional expression. Occasionally, relationship issues that have been submerged or hidden will rise to the surface now, as Pluto governs the subconscious realm. This can be an appropriate time to “clear the air,” so to speak, due to the purging or cathartic nature of Pluto.

On the shadow side, however, we will want to avoid power struggles or manipulative moves as we find ourselves journeying through more complex emotional terrain. Pluto’s activated ray can sometimes tilt us in a more controlling direction, if we do not stay mindful of our behavior. Psychologists say that we often seek external control over others when we feel a lack of power within ourselves. “He who has great power should use it lightly.” Seneca

The Moon goes void of course in sympathetic Cancer at 4:21 am, entering colorful Leo at 2:05 pm EDT. Luna’s shift into Leo helps to elevate and emancipate our spirits and a conjunction with intellectual Mercury (11:24 pm EDT) endows us with a plethora of creative ideas.

Famous August 15 Birthdays: Ben Affleck, Julia Child. “I think careful cooking is love, don’t you?” Julia Child.

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