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“A reform is a correction of abuses; a revolution is a transfer of power.” Robert Bulwer-Lytton

Well, now that we know the fine distinction between these two things, reform and revolution, it may be that we see a bit of both of these occurring today as the “big cheese” Sun conjuncts “liberating” Uranus, the sometimes quirky, and often unruly, “rebel stepchild” of the Universe.

“Change-agent” Uranus also tends to be  “unpredictable” in nature, so it’s hard to ever know exactly what he has up his sleeve. It’s probably best for us to just prime ourselves for the “unexpected” today, and hope it will be “very good” unexpected stuff that develops in our lives.

Uranus can bring about sudden amazing breakthroughs and advances, especially of a more scientific or technological nature. This is especially the case in pioneering Aries, a sign also known for “firsts.” At any rate, a very good day to consider instituting new procedures or processes in our lives to make them more efficient. BTW, Uranus is formally associated with “genius.” Maybe all of our “IQ’s” will effectively get a boost today. Too, this is not a good day to resist change, as it could be a lost cause for us with wacky Uranus breathing down our necks, holding us captive. 🙂

This powerhouse Sun-Uranus pairing is also occurring in “don’t fence me in” Aries, the macho sign of war and the military. Of course, many of us already know what is presently unfolding in Libya with the international coalition forces enacting a no-fly zone over that country. Heard on the Wall Street Journal Radio this morning (love their early morning news program) that there is also reportedly some concern that Moammar Qadhafi could resort to terrorism, at some point, even use mustard gas.

Too, more unrest is again brewing in other areas of the Middle East. (We also have Mercury and Jupiter in Aries.) Ever since expansive Jupiter got into Aries, late January, is when the political activism and social unrest in the Middle East started heating up (also had warrior Mars in group-oriented Aquarius setting the tone then. Mars rules Aries.).

Aries also rules sports. Today, the long-awaited Barry Bonds‘ perjury trial is slated to begin, three years after Bonds was charged with lying to a federal grand jury when he denied knowingly using performance-enhancing drugs. One thing’s for certain about “high-voltage” Sun-Uranus: It is never a boring aspect!

Famous March 21st Birthdays: Rosie O’Donnell (49), Vince Sorrenti (50)

Patrice Thompson

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