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Mercury conjunct philosophical Jupiter brings an expansive quality to the mind. Not only is there an abundance of enthusiasm for communication and for gathering and imparting information, there is also more of an ability to comprehend the broader aspects of issues, commonly referred to as the “big picture” point of view. On the flip side, we may be less interested now regarding the fine details of matters, something that we may want to be mindful of if we are doing any long-range planning. “Caress the detail, the divine detail.” Vladimir Nabokov

This is also an excellent day to expose ourselves to the ideas and beliefs of other cultures, as not only are we potentially more tolerant of divergent viewpoints now, we are also more eager to add new outlooks or perceptions to our intellectual toolboxes. Too, the Sun, Moon and Venus are all deposited in curious Gemini, so the Universe really seems to be committed to nudging us along in the direction of new learning and an expanded mindset.

We may additionally want to examine our beliefs about money and wealth creation today, with the Mercury Jupiter conjunction occurring in bullish Taurus. Just exactly how might our beliefs be serving us here? How may they be hindering us? What actions might we take now to ensure our financial freedom in the future? “The lack of money is the root of all evil.” Mark Twain.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson is a Life Coach for women. Her coaching is designed to guide you to new perspectives and new ways of approaching your life and its challenges. Coaching can be especially effective for people in transition, or for those individuals who are simply wanting more out of their life. To contact Patrice about her coaching services, you may drop her a line at: CoachPatrice@aol.com

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