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“Never try to solve all the problems at once — make them line up for you one-by-one.” Richard Sloma

The waning Moon’s entrance into correcting Virgo (12:50 am EDT) gives us a desire to want to fix whatever is broken or in need of repair. Intellectual Mercury’s ingress into balancing Libra, where it will stay until October 13, also makes a case for fully considering other’s viewpoints or ideas before rendering our decisions. Although today, it may be more challenging to proceed as planned, as the illuminating Sun is forming a volatile opposition to freedom-loving, jittery Uranus in self-willed Aries (8:15 pm EDT), which can find us restlessly wanting to skirt the rules, or at least, test the limits. Or, we may meet up with more recalcitrant types or experience wild, erratic behavior from others.

Uranus, as a catalyst for change and revolution, always helps to keep us on our toes by introducing unexpected elements or factors into the equation. It is probably a very good thing that the Moon is in analytical Virgo today, as this should help us to ultimately gain the upper hand over whatever is in a state of flux around us now. Too, optimally, Sun-Uranus can serve to align us with our “inner genius,” as Uranus can denote brilliance, sudden breakthroughs or innovation. Uranus, as the higher octave of Mercury, formally governs our intuition and is the planet that rules technology and science.

Famous People with Sun opposite Uranus: Kevin Costner, Lauren Bacall, Ray Bradbury, Frank Capra

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Patrice Thompson

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