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“Running away will never make you free.” Kenny Loggins


The Moon continues in “Roam Around” Sagittarius. Mars, governing our will, enters “You Are Under My Complete Control.  I Also Have You Under 24-Hour Surveillance” Scorpio. And, “Master Spy” Pluto (co-ruler of Scorpio) stations direct in “Big Brother Is Also Watching You” Capricorn.

“The plot ‘thickens today,’ considerably, as ‘Forceful’ Mars enters ‘Intense’ Scorpio, a sign it co-rules with ‘Interrogator’ Pluto, who is also stationing direct today. On the plus side, the ‘heavier’ energy around us now is good for ‘getting to the bottom’ of things and also for acquiring more in the way of ‘self-knowledge,’ particularly awareness of some of our ‘deeper’ motivations and desires triggered by our subconscious.  We can also start making ‘forward progress’ in the affairs of  whatever house that Pluto is ‘transiting in,’ in our personal horoscopes, with its resumption of ‘forward motion.’

The down side, to all of this: We have a natural tendency now to act with ‘more suspicion’ and we may also want to weave ‘more control’ over others, especially in our romantic relationships, since we have now both ‘Love Queen’ Venus and ‘Sex King’ Mars together in passionate Scorpio.

Too, there is really nowhere for the ‘Freedom-Loving’ Sagittarius Moon to run to today, as no matter where she goes, where she tries to hide, she is going to be followed around by her ‘old man.’

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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