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“I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy.” C. S. Lewis

Interesting astrological fact: Mick Jagger and Bill Clinton are both proud Leo Suns, with their Moons in earthy, sensual Taurus. See any similarity between the two of them in terms of their personality and behavior? Remember Bill’s saxophone performance on the Arsenio Hall Show several years ago? Any shades of Mick there? 🙂

Well, the “night owl” Moon is back in Venus-ruled Taurus today, so this is a time when we may want to indulge our senses and pamper ourselves. The Taurus Moon is fond of “hedonistic” pleasures. At the same time, it is also practical and resourceful. (Taurus rules money and possessions.)

The Moon also trines “problem-solving” Pluto (10:48 am EDT), so it appears that there is very little that we cannot do today, if we but only put our minds to it and also stay cooperative (sometimes with Pluto, we try to “run the show”). Too, we still have Mick’s “start-me-up” Aries energy beaming down upon us (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus in Aries).

Later on, the “sweet” Taurus Moon forms a sexy sextile to relationship Venus (7:03 pm EDT). Definitely a time when we will want to be making a “love connection.” Power of attraction Venus helps us attract the “reality we desire.”

Famous Birthdays April 5: Colin Powell (74), late Betty Davis (103). BTW, Betty had her pioneering Aries Sun exactly square to her natal Uranus in professional Capricorn, helping to make her a “one of a kind” original.

In the News: With the Moon in “money-minded” Taurus trining “purging” Pluto, U.S. House Republicans today proposed a budget for the next fiscal year that would reportedly spend $3.53 trillion, $179 billion dollars less then the plan put forth by President Obama. It would also supposedly balance the budget by 2015. (WSJ.com) “Bulldozing” Pluto in action? Too, Pluto tends towards “extremism.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

Source Notes:

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