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The Night Goddess Moon is conducting quality control in Continuous Improvement Virgo. We may want to follow her example and set about improving procedures and protocol in our own lives.

The Virgo Moon loves dissecting and breaking things apart to observe operational efficiencies. Virgo symbolically rules the digestive system in the body.

Too, with the Illuminating Sun in Sexy Scorpio, a sign that is also highly investigative in its own right, some of us now may want to undertake a thorough analysis of our more intimate night moves, with a thought on how to perfect them. Scorpio does rules sex therapy. 🙂

It should also be noted that today, The Love Maven herself, Ms. Venus, in Passionate Scorpio, is involved in yet another retrograde linkup with Penetrating Pluto in High Achievement Capricorn. This is compliments of that “naughty little sextile aspect.” What this means is that we may be infinitely more appealing to the opposite sex now. Hooray!!!

So, despite the fact that it’s a Monday, we probably need to get off of our duffs and back to work casting those heavy-duty love spells, brewing up those alluring love potions, as these efforts may finally pay off for a change. Who knows, George Clooney may even appear on our doorstep again, if we are diligent enough in our spell-making.

Mesmerizing Venus-Pluto can sometimes even brings us “our soulmate.” Or at least, with a Tidy Virgo Moon also beaming down, someone with “above average” vacuuming skills, a much-needed talent which can do wonders for preserving relationships in the long run.

Activities highlighted today: cleaning, organizing, taking inventory, weeding, pruning, crossword puzzles, editing, counseling, holistic and alternative healing methods, fixing what’s broken, eliminating what is no longer needed, scaling back on activities that are taking up too much of our time.

Quote for Today:

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.” Sophocles

This Date In History:

On November 1, 1972, the first “gay theme” TV Movie airs, “That Certain Summer.” Mars, which rules sex, was exactly conjunct Equality planet Uranus in partnership Libra. Uranus perennially defies convention and tradition, so we had a movie come out here that unabashedly showcased gay romance, something unprecedented for that time period.  As I have mentioned here before, Uranus’s ray is often prominent in gay rights issues.

Additionally, Love Goddess Venus was exactly conjunct Transforming Pluto, also in relationship Libra, another pivotal influence that can serve to “reframe” relationships in new ways.

(Today, we have Venus sextile Pluto, a similar aspect to the Venus-Pluto conjunction. We may want to keep our eyes on the news to see if any compelling “relationship issues” grab the headlines.

Sometimes, too, Venus-Pluto can be manipulative with our emotions. The “Balloon Boy” saga unfolded last fall with Venus square Pluto. Many of us were then “taken in” by the event. Usually “a lot of drama” occurs with Venus-Pluto.

Speaking of drama, this aspect can also signal a time when our “ex-lovers” come back from the dead to haunt us, especially now when we are still so close to spooky Halloween.)

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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