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“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” Isaac Asimov

Today, we may be feeling a bit like we’re entrenched in existential limbo, after yesterday’s Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and before tomorrow’s exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. It’s kind of like we’re still journeying our way through the tunnel but we still haven’t stumbled upon our first redemptive glimpse of the light. Although, at the same time, we do know in our rickety bones that we’re definitely inching closer! 🙂

Luna does undergo a dramatic costume change today, shifting from “I just want to be home alone with the Pillsbury Dough Boy” Cancer to “flash dancing” Leo (at 7:16 am). Too, shortly after it ingresses into the lion’s den, the Moon squares erratic, rebellious Uranus (11:43 am), which just stationed direct in “Dow Jones Industrial Average” Taurus yesterday. While this aspect may provide a wonderful chance to publicly display our moodiness or cantankerousness as well as allow us to cheerily toss our Bitcoins into the digital river, it may be best, with several planets still nestled in conservative Capricorn, to try and keep, as best we can, a stiff upper lip and our straitjacket tightly zipped up!

Fortunately, we will also have ample opportunity later, to boldly strut our stuff, when the Leo Moon trines, and wines and dines, courageous Mars presently locked away in ivory-tower Sagittarius (at 4:54 pm).

*All times EST.

Tarot Card For The Day: Once again, it’s the Hermit card, which I also pulled out of the deck, just yesterday. So, it appears, we’re still needing to keep that mighty pipeline open to the “Higher Powers That Be.” In other words, we’re still urged to go deep within, to seriously reflect on matters. Also, in the course of shuffling the cards, both the Death Card and the Nine of Swords fell out of the deck, suggesting yet again, a more serious time of transition. But, still, we should not give up hope for brighter days ahead, even though our present “tunnel-vision” may temporarily be impeding our capacity to see that possible reality.

Numerology: The number “Eleven” (1-11-2020) is equated with Mastery, intuitive powers, and faith.

Born On This Day: Psychologist and American philosopher, William James, in 1842 (d. 1910). James once wrote: “We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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