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“Pure love and suspicion cannot dwell together; at the door where the latter enters, the former makes its exit.” Alexandre Dumas Pere.

Venus, denoting our desire for love and affection, descends back into the depths of mysterious Scorpio November 29th, where she will be residing until January 7, 2011. As we may recall, Venus was recently in this same sign, September 8th through November 8th, before retrograding back into diplomatic Libra. Venus, the mythological “Love Goddess,” is the natural ruler of Libra, the sign of “the other.”

Venus depicts how we tend to naturally display our emotions and feelings within the confines of our intimate and personal encounters. As the natural planetary ruler of acquisition-minded Taurus, Venus also governs money and possessions, and our overall power of attraction. It also rules our values. We generally attract to us whatever it is that we value.

Venus also signifies outlets and venues that bring us pleasure and enjoyment, the recreational activities that we choose to do in our spare time. Venus additionally represents beauty and physical appearance, and symbolizes art and artists.

With Venus installed back into intense, transforming Scorpio, we are, once again, seeking a deep emotional renewal through our romantic and intimate connections. We are needing to feel the depths of passion and desire. With Venus in Scorpio, relationships are characteristically “all or nothing” for us.  We don’t pussyfoot around.

Venus in Scorpio is also very psychic and gives us an ability to keenly pick up on other people’s moods. It also exudes a lot of “animal magnetism” and can make us very sexy and sexual. Scorpio is, after all, the sign of sex.

Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, is also very controlling, so with Venus here, we have more of an inclination to “crack the whip,” so to speak, in order to get others to “fall in line” with our personal desires and agendas.

Perhaps as an outgrowth of this same need for control, Venus in Scorpio tends to make us more calculating and shrewd, and very secretive and possessive.  We don’t show our cards, or let our guard down, until we feel it is “safe” to do so, and even then, there is usually residual jealousy and suspicion lingering around. Again, this is largely because of Pluto’s “darker” hold on Venus.

Pluto is associated with spying and probing, and unearthing whatever is hidden and submerged. Pluto even rules x-ray vision. Therefore, with Venus in Scorpio we are more inclined to “snoop around” and “ask a lot of pointed questions,” in our quest to get to the bottom of things.

“So where were you on the night of Nov. 24th at 3:15 am? Who were you with? What were you doing? What about the evening of the 23rd? 🙂

Venus in Scorpio can also be a time when our “old lovers” resurface, and relationships that were once “left for dead,” are rekindled or revived. Scorpio rules life, death, and rebirth.

On a monetary level, Venus in Scorpio may also bring about a revitalization of our financial situation, with new opportunities and new ways to make money, sometimes by reconfiguring elements of our past.

Activities favored with Venus in Scorpio: antiquing and going to estate sales, refurbishing our surroundings, updating our wardrobe, recycling, renewing beauty treatments, sexual healing and therapy, psychotherapy, psychic development, seances, channeling, meditation, attending to taxes, insurance, and estate matters, focusing on joint investments, undertaking medical and or scientific research.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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