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Unlike yesterday, the first day of the new year, when the Moon was still nestled in reflective Pisces (for most of the day), we’re finally presumably ready now to pivot full-speed ahead into 2020 with the waxing Moon deposited in “start-me-up” Aries, all day, the very first sign of the zodiac and a Moon sign that is notorious for acting with a heightened sense of urgency. The Moon in Mars-ruled Aries characteristically tends to animate and quicken our emotional expression.

Luna will also be reaching her First Quarter Phase, late tonight (11:45 pm), which can also motivate us to get going on the intentions that we may have nobly set during the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, last week. Often, too, during a First Quarter Moon, we’re naturally feeling a bit of inner angst as we see some of the puzzle pieces (our intentions) start to fall into place, but we’re still not quite sure what the end result might be. Kind of like we’re peeking into the oven window now, checking to see whether or not the cake is rising, all the time wondering: Did we add enough flour? Put in enough eggs? Did we even remember to turn on the frickin’ oven before we plopped it in? 🙂

With the instinctual Moon in pioneering Aries also squaring the power-brokering Sun in more traditionally-minded Capricorn we’re also possibly weighing whether or not we should just play it safe and toe-the-company-line now or whether we may need, instead, to bust out and play by our own impressive rule book, which we’re likely making up moment-by-manic moment.

Fortunately, intellectual Mercury is also conjunct expansive Jupiter in earthy Capricorn today (11:42 am), which should help to supply all of us with a bevy of big, yet solid ideas on what to do next with regard to our fabulous, exciting lives in this brand spanking new decade. Optimistic Jupiter is the planet of vision and while he, yes, does love to bloviate, and can exaggerate, he can also help us to see the bigger picture as well as inspire us to go for it. Too, Saturn-ruled Capricorn energy is very structuring, very foundational, very purposeful in nature so, actually, this Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn is perfect for us now, at the start of the year, because we’re less inclined to be fooling or deluding ourselves with, essentially, pie-in-the-sky ideas. Rather, we’re potentially channeling really powerful, usable “heady stuff” from the muses now that can duly advance us along on our own special life path, with an added Jupiterian spring in our step, thrown in for good measure.

In general, Mercury conjunct Jupiter is excellent for such things as publishing, writing, promotions, conducting interviews, crafting or giving speeches, business planning, announcing business mergers, enrolling in new classes, and putting on or developing motivational seminars. It’s also often an aspect when we may hear “good news,” or we’re at least able to put a positive spin on whatever may come down the pike.

Too, since it’s the start of a new decade, I thought I would also put an extra “Mercury-Jupiter” flourish on this, my very first blog of the year. I have intuitively drawn a Tarot Card for “the energy of the day” and it is the Ten of Pentacles, which I’m ecstatic about because it’s not only one of my favorite cards, but it’s also normally regarded as a celebratory card, as well as card of success and abundance, suggesting, among other things, that we’re more able to enjoy or fully partake in the realm of earthly pleasures (Pentacles) now while also being able to more fully express or showcase who we really are (the culmination of the number ten). It’s like we’ve done the work, paid the dues, and now we’re ready for the bestowing upon us of our perceived just rewards.

Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope it’s a good one for you!

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Patrice Thompson

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