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There’s a feeling of a “jam-packed” day unfolding with the Moon still racing through assertive, restless Aries, the Mars-ruled sign that poises us to want to take swift, direct action on matters, especially with respect to acting on what appear to be our own perceived self interests. Luna is also bumping up against (squaring) the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, later in the day, so it seems we’re also possibly needing to manage some pushback or resistance to our efforts or ambitions as we go about testing the limits of what is possible for us to do now, in the present moment.

Animating Mars is also entering “don’t fence me in” Sagittarius today (4:37 am), an energetic placement that can more naturally incline us to want to more voraciously seek out and experience as much of the world as possible now (despite the present stellium in cautious Capricorn). This placement of Mars can also put more of a spotlight on our personal beliefs and convictions and on such things as religion, politics, the law, and higher education.

On the shadow side, Mars in Sagittarius is sometimes linked with fanaticism or overzealous behavior so we may want to remain mindful of that tendency and be willing to gracefully step away from behind the bully-pulpit when we perhaps sense that we’re coming on too strong with our legion of homespun theories, etc. Mars will remain in philosophically-minded Sagittarius until February 16th.

Some famous people born with Mars in Sagittarius: Jules Verne, George Carlin, Benny Hill, Margot Kidder, Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Oscar Wilde.

Tarot Card for Today: The “Ten of Wands,” which suggests that we’re possibly meeting up with the culmination (ten) of many of our actions (Wands) now, in some regard, and, as a result, we may naturally be feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to deal with matters. Accordingly, keeping our index finger close to the “pause button” today might be a nifty, rejuvenating strategy as, in reality, there’s only so much that we can masterfully and adroitly process in a finite span of time and still be fun and sexy to be around. 🙂

Numerology: Today (January 3rd) is a “3” day, a number that is equated with being responsible and fairly dedicated or committed to any actions taken. Too, if you add up all the numbers of the day (1-3-2020) you end up with the number “8” which is a more intense number associated with being take-charge and or feeling comfortable wielding power.

*All times EST.

Born On This Day: British writer J.R.R. Tolkien, who once said: Not all those who wander are lost.

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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