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“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.” John Cage

Cosmic Weather:

The Moon exits contemplative Pisces for pioneering Aries (10:24 am EST). A time when we want to be starting something new and exciting in our lives. We also have intellectual Mercury, in enthusiastic Sagittarius, square to non-conforming Uranus, the planet of sudden change, which is in idealistic Pisces. This potent aspect tends to foster the formation of more radical ideas, or radical thinking. The nature of Uranus is generally more rebellious. Uranus likes to play the devil’s advocate, too. Mercury-Uranus can confer brilliance upon us. Uranus characteristically speeds up our thinking. But, at the same time, it can also be a more mentally unstable and erratic time for us, as we get these instant revelations and then suddenly they’re gone. It could be that we want to avoid making snap decisions, and also hold off acting on any of our sudden, genius insights, for a few days. Wait until they have had some time to distill or gel.

Additionally, we have Mercury sextile to mystic guru Neptune, with Neptune ruling our link to the divine and also our psychic ability. This aspect may generate more of an intellectual desire to seek out more spiritually-based activities. Perhaps we may want to read more inspirational material, or books on psychic development. Or, try psychic experiments, which is something that I personally love to do. Neptune also rules our dreams, so this is an ideal time for paying closer attention to our dreams now, and trying to unravel their magical symbolism. Dreams can often foretell our future, if we are but able to glean their meaning. Dream study is also a great way, in general, for staying connected with our subconscious, or what’s going on below the surface of our conscious awareness.

I remember, years ago, I had a very vivid dream about boarding a train in my home town. On this train, I met a man, and rode with him for the duration of the train ride, which seemed to last forever. At the end of the dream, however, that man stayed on the train, but I got off of it. When I woke up from that dream, I intuitively immediately knew that I was going to be “meeting a man” soon in my waking life. Well, within a week, I met my husband! But, it wasn’t on a train. It was in a radio station in my home town. I was on the air doing a call-in astrology show. My life – my personal journey – of course, changed forever, when I met Daniel, and we did, indeed, embark on an extended “life trip” with each other for twenty years, until his early death from cancer. Our relationship also ended up permanently taking me away, geographically, from my birthplace, as the two of us eventually settled far away from where I was born. I was thinking this morning, too, how in the dream, I got off the train by myself, perhaps indicating that my real life journey would later include living without my husband physically by my side. BTW, years ago, I did do intuitive dream interpretation on the radio with listeners, when I had my own radio show.

Neptune additionally governs our imagination and creativity. This influence should considerably help to elevate or boost our creativity, and also help with our powers of visualization. Excellent day for any creative writing project (Mercury rules words), especially with the simultaneous Mercury-Uranus aspect, which can provide us with unique, original insights, along with a good measure of quirky thoughts, which can also sometimes be kind of cool. Neptune also rules imagery, so it’s a fantastic day for painting or photography.

On a personal note, as I mentioned several days ago, I am going to be changing some things with my blog, this year. While I have enjoyed writing the daily horoscopes, I am going to begin doing them on a weekly basis instead. I want more time to focus on other writing projects for a while. Also, there’s the matter of making more time, hopefully, for a life with George Clooney in 2011. Ever the optimist here! 🙂  Too, I still plan on writing special articles on the lunations, planets changing signs, etc. here.

Patrice Thompson

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