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“Life has its own hidden forces which you can only discover by living.” Soren Kierkegaard

There’s a Full Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio today (7:10 am EDT). Briefly, a Full Moon represents a culmination or peaking of awareness. With a Full Moon we are often more privy to revelations, as we have “more light” by which to see things. The volume on our emotional responses (Moon) may also be turned up.

Scorpio, as a quality of experience, is associated with intensity of expression, and also extremes of behavior. It is a more complex sign to figure out. The natural ruler of Scorpio is Pluto, which is known for its’ laser-like focus. When the Moon is in Scorpio, there is a greater depth of feeling and passion to us, and consequently we tend to react more powerfully to matters. Unfortunately, emotional outbursts can also manifest, if we are not careful to rein ourselves in. The Scorpio Moon additionally likes power and to be in charge, which means on the shadow side, we often need to simultaneously subdue our feelings of control or manipulation. Jealousy and possessiveness are also two other issues that many of us characteristically wrestle with when the Moon is deposited here.

Scorpio as a zodiacal sign stands guard over those areas of life that are normally hidden from view, such as our mind’s subconscious. It also governs intimacy and sex, or what is often expressed privately “behind closed doors.” Scorpio, as the opposite sign to money and possession Taurus, additionally depicts our attitudes concerning the sharing of our material resources with others, and is related to such mundane things as joint bank accounts and jointly-held possessions.

Since Scorpio presides over death (or the dissolution of form) and rebirth, it is also connected to insurance and estate matters. It also rules taxes, surgery, and regenerative healing techniques. Scorpio is furthermore linked to psychic development, channeling, and the spirit world, and to metaphysical matters in general. Its intrinsic approach is always to “go deep” and ponder mysteries wherever they may be found.

With the Full Moon falling in Scorpio, it could be that some or many of the areas above may be more highlighted now. We are also more likely to be in touch with our deepest, most passionate desires (Scorpio) or innermost feelings at this time. We may also have to address issues from our buried past (with Scorpio they often suddenly rise to the surface). Or possibly face the truth about things that we have been avoiding. Again, too, the Scorpio Full Moon can easily solicit overreactions from us, especially if we are not mindful of our behavior.

Too, the Full Moon now could mark transitions or endings, or pivotal turning points (Scorpio). This Scorpio Full Moon is also making a challenging square to vague, dissolving Neptune in surrendering Pisces. It is additionally forming a tight quinqunx (adjustment aspect) to excessive, boastful Jupiter in impulsive Aries (sign of the military), cautioning us not to go overboard or gamble unwisely with our resources. Also, with Neptune’s “veiled ray” on the scene, we may need to guard against being hoodwinked or misled by others. We also would be wise, ourselves, to avoid doing anything that is nefarious or deceitful. Sometimes, too, with Neptune, we unwittingly lead others on by not being in full possession of all the facts. We simply spew out misinformation or just perceive things in a distorted way.

On a more positive note, this lunation still finds Mercury (thoughts) and Venus (beauty and love) side by side in gentle, laid-back Taurus, a very creative sign, and both in a harmonious, compassionate sextile to imaginative Neptune. Taking the time to put into words, our deep love and affection for each other, and engaging in random acts of love and kindness (Neptune), can have very uplifting consequences for all of us now. Also, this aspect is excellent for creating or purchasing art or other objects of beauty, including adding a few “to die for” items to our wardrobe. Too, with the rejuvenating properties of the Scorpio Moon also involved, now would be an ideal time for age-defying beauty treatments or makeovers. Neptune also rules cosmetics, and all manner of masquerade and disguises. It is interesting, too, how when we do alter our outward appearance, we often are related to differently.  In other words, it sets the stage for transforming responses from others.

“Men and women belong to different species, and communication between them is a science still in its infancy.” Bill Cosby 🙂

BTW, I read the other day that Oprah Winfrey (who has facilitated many personal makeovers through her show) plans to tape her talks shows for airing May 23rd and May 24th, on May 17th, at a special arena in Chicago, which will be able to hold over 20,000 of her fans. As an astrologer, of course, I immediately thought about the intensely emotional Scorpio Full Moon in affect and its fitting tie-in with poignant, transforming events, including farewells (endings). Too, with Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus sextile idealistic, otherworldly Neptune (Neptune also rules the television camera), no doubt that Oprah will be magically “feeling the love” then from her audience and also the camera will be able to masterfully capturing the surreal (Neptune) images of this singular event.

As most of us know who faithfully watch Oprah, she is signing off with her daily syndicated talk show on May 25th, after being on the air for 25 years. She will still be actively involved with broadcasting, however, running her OWN network. Oprah has “Karma Lord” Saturn in Libra transiting at the very top of her chart now, near her tenth house of career. Often a time when one’s highest professional achievement is recorded.

Too, on May 25th, again the last day for the Oprah Show, the Sun will also fascinatingly be in communications Gemini and exactly sextile to futuristic Uranus in new beginnings Aries, signaling that some “big change is in the air.” Uranus also rules television broadcasting. The Sun-Uranus aspect also tends to coincide with more “unusual” or “out of the ordinary” (Uranus) events, and May 25th will, no doubt, go down in broadcast history as the day Oprah officially ended her talk show.  The Moon will also be in reflective, sentimental Pisces that day. We wish Oprah all the best, but at the same time, we will miss her daily show. Afternoons will no longer be the same without her beaming, re-assuring presence lighting up the television screen.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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