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“The secret of success in life is for man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” Benjamin Disraeli

“Opportunity” could very well be knocking for us today, too, in the form of the rare, triple conjunction of Mercury (communication and ideas), Venus (love and creativity) and Jupiter (optimism and expansion) in trailblazing Aries. This is a very magical aspect filled with untold possibilities for those who know how to “seize the moment.”

The Moon’s shift into analytical Virgo today, from showy Leo, (10:00 am EDT) also helps us to logically sift through the myriad possibilities before us and choose the most auspicious path for ourselves. Additionally, Mars, governing initiative, enters rock solid Taurus, supplying us with an extra measure of practical determination and common sense to reach our goals. Mars will be in grounded, plodding Taurus until June 21st, although today, with the fiery Aries triple conjunction, we may still be feeling a bit “unleashed.”

Amazingly, we have not had Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter exactly conjunct in Aries for well over a 100 years, although this trio was close together in Aries, in late April of 1928, when actress, singer, and dancer Shirley Temple, was born. This child prodigy shot to superstardom (Jupiter) at the tender age of 6, while also winning over the hearts (Venus) of many on the planet. Interesting, too, that Shirley would later become a Jupiter-ruled ambassador (with performer Venus ruling the entertainment portion of her career). I think Shirley Temple’s hopeful, charismatic, childhood persona is a rather fitting depiction of the type of upbeat, exuberant, playful type energy that we have around us today via the triple conjunction in unstoppable, pioneering Aries.

In the News: On the eve of the Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter triple conjunction in pioneering Aries, it was announced that Microsoft has agreed to purchase “Skype” for a colossal (Jupiter) 8.5 billion dollars, reportedly the largest acquisition in Microsoft’s history. When banker Jupiter is in the news, especially aligned with money-ruling Venus, we often hear about gigantic dealings. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft utilizes Skype in the future.

On a personal note, I have decided to take a hiatus from the daily astrology, to focus on some other pursuits. I will still be blogging here, but just not on a daily basis. As always, I appreciate your reading my blog and hope my astrological insights have been of value to you.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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