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“Life’s challenges are not suppose to paralyze you, they’re suppose to help you discover who you are.” Bernice Johnson Reagon

Mixed bag of nuts today. We have the potent “Mars square Pluto” aspect exact (4:36 pm EDT). This influence has been applying for the last several days. Mars, ruler of our self-assertion and drive, can passionately empower us to take on formidable challenges, when aligned with intense, controlling Pluto. Mars-Pluto is perennially linked with wanting to wield power and influence in the world. (Oprah Winfrey has this aspect exact in her personal horoscope.) We need to make sure, however, that we don’t overtax ourselves or surpass our limits with this aspect. Too, we would be very wise to avoid power struggles, shoving matches, taunting behavior, etc. On the shadow side, Mars-Pluto can awaken and unleash our “inner bully.”

Mars-Pluto can also be “very transforming” energy, with Pluto ruling regeneration. Again, as I mentioned the other day in my blog on Pluto stationing retrograde, this is an excellent time to “wipe the slate clean” and  to purge or eliminate what isn’t working in our lives.

Retrograde Mercury, ruler of our thoughts, is also back into an exact conjunction with “optimistic” Jupiter (11:59 pm EDT), ruler of philosophy and our higher beliefs and vision, academia, long-distance travel. On the plus side, the Mercury-Jupiter influence can make us more enthusiastic and upbeat, more high-minded in our thinking (a nice antidote for the Mars-Pluto “bully” mentality). Mercury-Jupiter is also an excellent time for writing.

The shadow side of this same aspect is we can become too boastful or arrogant (Jupiter). Too, with the Mars-Pluto aspect as a backdrop, this is probably not a good time to get into arguments over philosophical (Jupiter) differences, as they could very well escalate. Also, if we have any public presentations or speeches (Mercury) to make, we will want to make sure that we have “all the facts” straight ahead of time (Mercury-Jupiter tends to exaggerate), in case we later get “called on the carpet” (stickler Pluto). However, if we do diligently cover our bases, we could be very compelling and persuasive as a speaker (or writer) now, especially if we sprinkle in some of the famous “Jupiterian” humor.

BTW, do you think you have a good sense of humor? May want to check out the positioning of Jupiter in your chart and see how it’s linked up to the personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars; or the Ascendant; or 3rd or 9th houses) for further astrological insight and confirmation. We mentioned Oprah Winfrey earlier, she also has her Mercury (communication) trine Jupiter in her horoscope, so she has no problem seeing humor in things. Too, that endows her with natural ability to make people laugh. (Mercury-Jupiter is also the hallmark of a teacher or preacher.) Comedian David Letterman (who has a birthday tomorrow) also has his Mercury exactly trine his natal Jupiter. David is also a writer and that is excellent for that outlet. Funny man, and also writer, Woody Allen, has his Sun conjunct Jupiter, a similar influence-type influence, as does James Garner, who I have always regarded as very funny.)

“A sense of humor… is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” Hugh Sidey

Famous Birthdays April 11: Ethel Kennedy (83), Joel Grey (79)

In the News: With the potent “game-changing” Mars-Pluto aspect exact today, fascinatingly, one of the news headlines this morning is about President Obama’s big “press conference” that is slated for this Wednesday. Obama will be unveiling his package of proposed spending cuts for the future, including proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and changes to Social Security, in a bid to tackle this nation’s deficit crisis (Pluto rules debt). Higher taxes (ruled by Pluto) are also reportedly going to be proposed for the wealthy. (Wall Street Journal)

In announcing the details of his press conference, President Obama is also effectively “transforming” his image (the “reforming” Mars-Pluto energy) to a certain extent, by letting it be known that he is planning on shifting his policies around. Sometimes, too, with Mars-Pluto, we also suffer a “fierce backlash.” Surely there will be factions (the far left? the elderly?) who will not be pleased with his proposals.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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