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“Open eyes, open heart, open up and fall apart.” Finger Eleven


Once again, the devilish Universe is serving up a mixed bag of offerings. First, we have the “drama queen” Leo Moon opposing “hallucinatory” Neptune in “Please befriend me” Aquarius (1:59 pm EST). This has the net affect of making us harbor “delusions of grandeur.” Or, simply “delusions.” Particularly within the framework of a group setting (Aquarius).

Then the Moon, scurrying around to keep on track with its frenetic daily schedule, departs Leo “the lion-hearted” for tidy Virgo “the virgin”  (6:11 pm EST), a time when vacuuming with passion assumes utmost importance in our lives. While vacuuming, our thoughts, of course, quickly turn to love and romance, especially for those of us who prefer to vacuum “au naturale” in the dark.

Fueling the flame of “connection fantasy” is love goddess Venus and her separate, tantalizing 72-degree hook-up with “I’ll take one lover on a pedestal please. But, hold the lettuce and pickle” Neptune. With Venus-Neptune, we have our glittery “veils on,” and only wish to see pureness and innocence in the object of our desires. We prefer not to gaze upon or take note of any of our lover’s shortcomings, or flaws. If by chance, the nitpicky Virgo Moon forgets this, and chimes in with a recitation of their imperfections, we only vacuum that much more intensely to drown out the harsh Virgo drill. 🙂

Actually, the Venus-Neptune linkup isn’t really that bad today for relationships. It’s a quintile aspect, and that can be very creative and imaginative. Also, great for art work, or any project that requires a flair for beauty and design. Too, a good day for shopping for objects of beauty and decorative accessories. Also, jewelry! Give your lover a piece of jewelry and watch their little heart melt! Ooh la la!

“Fantasies are more than substitutes for unpleasant reality; they are also dress rehearsals, plans. All acts performed in the world begin in the imagination.” Barbara Grizzuti Harrison.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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