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“Once an organization loses its spirit of pioneering and rests on its early work, its progress stops.” Thomas J. Watson Sr.

The “big planet on the block” Jupiter, bolts back into fiery “Aries the Ram,” the first sign of the zodiac, on January 22nd, where it will take up residency until June 4th. (Jupiter was briefly in this sign earlier, from June 6th – Sept. 8th, 2010.)

Jupiter signifies the “expansive urge.” He represents knowledge, opportunities, abundance, higher education. He also rules publishing, travel abroad, foreign cultures, advertising and promotion. He’s the welcome “luck factor” in our lives. When Jupiter’s nestled into “trailblazing” Aries, which is ruled by masculine Mars, we are eager for “new beginnings.” Especially in partaking in “solo flights” on our own, in keeping with the pioneering, “self-discovery” aspect of this sign.

With Jupiter in Aries, we have marvelous ability to re-invent ourselves and we thrive at the prospect of competition, and making it first to the finish line. Aries is the zodiacal sign that rules sports and athletics. Whereas Jupiter in Pisces was about “merging” and the “dissolution of boundaries,” Jupiter in Aries denotes more of a separatist, “me-first” mentality. There is much more enthusiasm and self-confidence to us, with this placement, and consequently that is part of the reason why new doors can open up for us now. Also, in March, “liberator” Uranus will be moving back into Aries where it will stay for the next seven years, which will further add to our ability to thrive and survive on our own, and be self-sufficient

With Jupiter in Aries (also Uranus), we will likely see a proliferation of entrepreneurship, fueled by a strong desire to “do things on our own.” Too, the challenging economy will continue to have impact here with this. There will also likely be growth or expansion in the military. Individuals may even feel more of a need to “protect” or “arm” themselves, with groups of individuals forming their own militia. Again, the “warrior” Mars influence at play. With Jupiter also ruling publishing, it is very likely that “self-publishing” efforts will continue to grow and flourish, perhaps even more “blogging” by businesses being done as a way to attract new customers.

To further discern Jupiter’s impact in our own personal horoscopes, we will want to see what house in our chart Jupiter is transiting, as an indication of what area in our life may be poised for “new starts.”

The “shadow side” to Jupiter in Aries can correlate with a “lack of focus.” For example, it’s very easy for us, in our Aries’ eagerness, to take on too many projects and, as a result, have a difficult time bringing matters to a successful, timely conclusion. Also, we can act too hastily or be impulsive. Or, be “too full of ourselves” and not consider others’ positions.

Famous persons with Jupiter in Aries: Christian Dior, Pearl Buck, Conan O’Brien, Brad Pitt.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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