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“Healing yourself is connected with healing others.” Yoko Ono


Moon bids farewell to trailblazing Aries for the soothing, open box of dark chocolates that is the self-indulgent Taurus Moon (6:23 am EST). It could be that we are moving a little more slowly today, as we are fondly cocooned in our satin sheet paradise. A sorrowful tragedy that some of us have to leave our plush pad for the drill of the 9 to 5 workaday world. 🙂

Although, love goddess Venus is also in a tight squeeze with passionate Pluto (8:49 pm EST) in employer Capricorn. This Venus-Pluto conjunction could make for some rather interesting “intimate scenarios” in the workplace, as well as providing for a steady stream of hot gossip at the water cooler. We may want to keep our ears perched for first-hand details of some real life soap operas! (Refer to my earlier blog on Venus-Pluto for more of the breathtaking accounts of this delicious, diabolical influence.)

On a more “noble” level, however, Venus conjoined Pluto can also be a beautiful time when we are capable of being healed or transformed (Pluto) by the power of love. An inspiring example of this: Yesterday, on the eve of this energy (and also the same day that wounded healer Chiron entered compassionate Pisces) it was reported in the media that baseball coach Tom Walter, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, (close to where I live) had donated a kidney on Monday to Kevin Jordan, a freshman outfielder on his team, and effectively saved his life. Isn’t that a touching story? I was thinking when I sat down to write this blog this morning, wouldn’t it be wonderful if each one of us could also find a way to use this transforming cosmic energy somehow to help heal or to give hope to someone else today? Wouldn’t that be cool?

“I had no idea that mothering my own child would be so healing to my own sadness from my childhood.” Susie Bright

Famous Birthdays February 9th: Mia Farrow (66), Carole King (69), Cody Thompson (3) – my loving, chocolate toy poodle affectionately depicted down below.

Patrice Thompson

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