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“Each of us seems to have a main focus, a particular idea of practicality – a concept of ‘what we want out of life’ against which we judge our experiences.” Jane Roberts

The illuminating Sun, denoting our spirit, enters earthy Taurus today (6:18 am EDT), the sign of money and possessions (where it will stay for the next month).  The Sun in Taurus imbues us with a more practical focus and greater desire for stability.

The anchoring Taurus Sun also forms an interesting sextile to dreamy Neptune in oceanic Pisces. So, it could be that we are able to manifest (Taurus) some of our dreams (Neptune) today. Too, even though the Sun is now in tangible, down-to-earth Taurus, the Sun’s soothing linkup with spiritual guru Neptune helps to provide a certain mystical or reflective quality to this day.

The Moon’s entrance into visionary Sagittarius (2:51 am EDT) also serves to sort of reiterate this “transcendent” theme. Sagittarius the Archer encourages us to “reach for the stars” and broaden our horizons through travel, philosophy, higher education, religion. Lest we forget, too, we still have four planets in fiery, adventurous Aries with Love Goddess Venus also moving into that sign tomorrow.

In the News: Perhaps fittingly, with the Sun’s sextile to Neptune bringing “sea-worthy” things to mind, we are also poignantly marking the one-year anniversary of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history.

A year ago today, taskmaster Saturn at 29 degrees of Virgo (Virgo oversees the management of resources) was in a tight opposition to unpredictable Uranus at 28 degrees of Pisces (Pisces rules both the sea and oil). This opposition aspect can often be a more “disruptive” influence, especially when we do not “play by the rules (Uranus).” Saturn was also forming a challenging quinqunx aspect to confusing Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) at 28 degrees of Aquarius.

Saturn is often billed as the “Lord of Karma.” It is the planet of accountability and responsibility (it also symbolically represents the Earth). When we have more difficult Saturn influences we often experience the more challenging consequences of our actions (reaping our karma, in other words). Here in the case of the oil spill, BP has also reportedly acknowledged that serious errors were made leading up to the disaster (the ‘tried and true” Saturn protocol was not maintained).

Famous Birthdays April 20th: Ryan O’Neal (70), Jessica Lange (62). Also, my late dog, Coco (depicted below), would have been 15 years old today, so it’s kind of a sad day for me. Coco died two years ago. The latter portion of her life, she was blind, deaf and diabetic, but she never seemed to let any of that get her down. She was a real trooper (had an Aries Moon.) She was perhaps the gentlest animal I ever had. I miss her every day. Love you, Coco Puff! Your mama’s thinking about you.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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