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“Be master of mind rather than mastered by mind.” Zen Proverb

It could be that the more focused, intense, investigative Scorpio Moon acts as a desirable filter for us today in that it may help to anchor our emotional nature and responses, and have us wistfully probing and examining our innermost feelings instead of impulsively acting on them.

Perhaps a much needed antidote to the highly-charged Retrograde Mercury-Mars conjunction in fiery, athletic Aries which is also at play today and somewhat akin to our minds being on steroids! 🙂

Energizing Mars (ruling the aggressive urge) turns the volume up full blast on our ideas and thinking (Mercury), and in restless Aries it is very possible today that we could be feeling a little more jittery or high-strung mentally (also more prone to losing our temper).We may feel very compelled to act (Mars) on our ideas (Mercury) before really thinking through the consequences of our actions (that is why the “pondering” Scorpio Moon could assist us here). Also helpful to us may be the critical, authoritative Saturn opposition to this Mercury-Mars conjunction, which also serves as a parental check to dutifully remind us that, in our haste to express ourselves, we better not forget to “dot the i’s” and “cross the t’s.”

However, if we do diligently monitor ourselves, especially our verbal exchanges with others, and if we do act with a mature level of restraint (no temper tantrums), today could be a great day for finding favorable resolution to old problems (and even for amazing breakthroughs and transforming discoveries with the Scorpio Moon), as with Mercury retrograde, we often revisit the past.

Another upside here: We can also be very persuasive and passionate as a speaker, as Mercury-Mars injects much enthusiasm and forcefulness into our communications. The perceptive Scorpio Moon can also help us in devising brilliant, compelling strategy to market and brand ourselves and our ideas. It may be an excellent time, too, for immersion in highly-detailed writing (Mercury) projects (or for research) or for reading about psychology and human behavior. Again, this is because the investigative, therapy-minded Scorpio Moon always likes to “get to the bottom of things” and figure things out, and Mars (ruling law enforcement) often has a penchant for playing pioneering detective, as co-ruler of Scorpio with Pluto.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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