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“A conservative is a liberal who got mugged the night before.” Frank Rizzo


It’s day two of the stable, practical, high-caloric Taurus Moon. With the Moon here in the sign of money and possessions, we want our cake and expect to eat it, too. Taurus is all about enjoying creature comforts while simultaneously building up a cushy little nest egg. We are not really into doing anything that will jeopardize our security.

HOWEVER, with that said, we also are presently grappling with the powering Sun, mental Mercury, assertive Mars, and delusional Neptune in idealistic, freedom-loving, “power-to-the-people” Aquarius. We also have expansive Jupiter in pioneering Aries manically out on the prairie in a covered wagon. The compilation of all these cosmic elements may force the Taurus Moon a bit out of her traditional comfort zone today and may spell disaster for us if we think we can just idly chill out on the couch watching the boob tube. It’s likely not going to happen, bro. Instead, we may be pressured to incorporate some wicked elements of “change,” or at least some measure of “conservative action” into our daily agendas, compliments of a schizoid universe. 🙂

Coincidentally, today is also the opening day of the “Conservative Political Action Conference” (CPAC) which is being held in Washington, DC February 10-12. Kind of an appropriate “synchronistic” tie-in for the current celestial happenings.

Famous Birthdays February 10th: George Stephanopoulos (50), Glenn Beck (47), Robert Wagner (81)

“Good for you, you have a heart, you can be a liberal. Now, couple your heart with your brain, and you can be a conservative.” Glenn Beck

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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