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Cosmic Word Of The Day: Accelerate

(Mercury square Uranus)

Accelerate: 1) to move or go faster; increase in speed 2) to progress or develop faster

“With ‘Mental’ Mercury square to ‘Genius’ Uranus our thought processes are accelerated or speeded up today. We may receive sudden, brilliant, intuitive insights into things, and be able to solve problems and puzzles very quickly.

On the shadow side, however, this same configuration can also make us much more mentally restless, as well as hasty and rebellious in our speech and communication. Rebel Uranus tends to want to defy authority and become a law unto itself.

Additionally, we have Mercury sextile ‘Imaginative’ Neptune which bodes well for our creative and psychic abilities. A day when it is very easy to get lost in our fantasies. Too, we may also want to pay closer attention to our nocturnal dreams now which Neptune rules. They could be trying to tell us something.

Since Neptune also represents our “link with the divine” this is a good day to pray and meditate, and to read or write inspirational passages. ‘Going inward’ may also help to dispel or calm the uneven mental energy of Mercury-Uranus.”

“Hominid and human evolution took place over millions and not billions of years, but with the emergence of language there was a further acceleration of time and the rate of change.” William Irwin Thompson

“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.” Carl Jung

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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