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This Date In History:

November 24, 1966:

The Beatles begin recording sessions for their masterpiece eighth album: Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which was later released on June 1, 1967. The group reportedly spent over 400 hours in the recording studio producing this one album. The BBC would later end up banning one of the songs from it, “A Day In The Life” out of reported concern over a supposed drug reference in the song, “I’d love to turn you on…”

On 11/24/66 the Moon was in fiery, pioneering Aries. Also, adding to the level of excitement that day: The illuminating Sun and Creative Venus were affectionately conjunct in storytelling Sagittarius, harmoniously trined to lucky, expansive Jupiter in showman Leo, the sign of entertainment.

Enterprising Mars, the ruler of trailblazing Aries, was in perfectionist Virgo and exactly conjunct “inventive genius” Uranus. Mars and Uranus were additionally in a close conjunction to transforming Pluto in Virgo.

So we had a cool host of intense, game-changing influences for the collective, in effect.

Ambitious Saturn, too, often billed as the “Lord of Karma,” was in Imaginative Pisces, the sign which rules music, and in an exact flowing trine to mystical, psychedelic Neptune (Neptune rules drugs).  Neptune is also the planetary ruler of Pisces. Of course, Sgt. Pepper had a very mystical, psychedelic theme to it. Drug Kingpin Neptune was also hanging out in revamping Scorpio at the time, maybe part of the reason why so many were trying to find “psychic redemption” then through mind-altering drugs.

Too, Neptune rules our dreams and fantasies, and when aligned favorably with “karma rewards king” Saturn, we often see the manifestation of our dreams (creativity) coming true. We are better able to give tangible form and shape (Saturn) to the products of our imagination (Neptune) i.e. through songwriting, poetry, painting, etc.

Traditionalist and status quo preserver Saturn in dreamy Pisces was also opposite the rebellious and personally liberating Mars, Uranus, and Pluto conjunction, delineating the general angst that was going on in the collective then among the new ‘hippie” generation for radical change and the older generation of yesteryear.  This angst was, of course, also artistically woven in a masterful way into the fabric of Sgt Pepper and even evident on the unique cover of the record album which was very original (Uranus), spacey and psychedelic (Neptune), and a likely game-changer (Pluto) for the music industry.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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