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This Date In History:

November 23, 1964:

The Vatican abolishes “Latin” as the official language of the Roman Catholic liturgy. In the sky, Jupiter in Practical Taurus is applying to an exact 180 degree opposition to Neptune in Transformational Scorpio.

In astrology, Jupiter symbolizes growth and the urge to expand our horizons. It additionally represents our higher beliefs, philosophy of life, and moral convictions. As an outgrowth of this, Jupiter is associated with organized religion and formal teachings, academia, and the promulgation of wisdom and higher understanding. Neptune, meanwhile, signifies the urge to escape beyond the confines or limitations of the material earth plane. Accordingly, it represents our specific desire for a link to the divine, or our urge for spirituality. Neptune rules faith, prayer, meditation, and houses of worship. Additionally, “opposition aspects” suggest “turning points.”

With “Jupiter opposite Neptune,” therefore, the Vatican likely felt a keen need to grow or expand (Jupiter) the church’s sphere of influence in people’s lives in a practical way (Taurus), and perhaps felt that by eliminating the more complex Latin liturgy, there would be more ease of expression in the worship services (Neptune) and possibly more assimilation of the spiritual doctrine being spread. In the end, the changeover or transformation (Scorpio) ended up being a major transition for many of the regular churchgoers to adjust to, myself included.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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