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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” Albert Einstein

The Universe must have great confidence in our multi-tasking abilities. Unless, it’s deliberately being sadistic with us! What I am alluding to here is the fact that we have several potent aspects stacked up on our plates today to existentially grapple with. Of course, the real biggie is the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse at 13 degrees 39 minutes of Capricorn, the first lunation of the new year. We have six eclipses on tap for this year: four partial solar and two total lunar. We haven’t had this many partial solar eclipses in one year since 1982, the same year that Michael Jackson released “Thriller,” the biggest selling album of all time. Also, that was the year that the Vietnam Memorial was formally dedicated in Washington D.C., occurring only a few days before MJ’s “Thriller” release in late November 1982.

Ironically, the original chairman of the Vietnam Memorial project, John Wheeler, was found murdered this past New Year’s eve.  His body was tragically found in a landfill in Delaware. Also, today, it’s kind of weird, but Dr. Conrad Murray begins to testify in a pre-trial hearing in a court in LA with respect to MJ’s death. Of course, neither of these events have anything to do with the eclipse today. Just two interesting parallels that I thought I’d point out, since I happened to stumble upon them by accident, when I was reviewing events in 1982 in Wikipedia for this blog today.

Solar and lunar eclipses are special new and full moons. They often usher in notable events, for both individuals and the collective. Eclipses often “speed things up.” They can suddenly open up new doors for us. Monthly new moons traditionally denote new opportunities, with the eclipse being somewhat the equivalent of a new moon on steroids. The impact of an eclipse can last up to six months. Too, sometimes the affects of an eclipse are not felt immediately.

The few days right before the eclipse are especially highly-charged, and it is on those days when we really want to think about, and formulate, our new moon intentions, and make time for serious prayer and meditation. Especially advisable for single women now: Profoundly meditating on the sacred image of George Clooney. This is largely because George also has his natal Moon in Capricorn, closely conjunct cautious Saturn. Just thought I’d throw that in here. So George doesn’t think we’re completely abandoning him, caught up in all the momentary hoopla of the red hot eclipse. 🙂 (Also, at this end of this blog, I have included a bit about a real-life dream that I just had about GC, if you’re interested in reading about it. It was really, more like a nightmare!)

Those who have planets or horoscope angles from 10 to 17 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), will likely be most impacted by this eclipse. Also, all of us need to note the house in our birth charts where the eclipse is occurring, as the affairs of that house now are definitely being energized, and likely awaiting prompt, eager response from our delicate little brains.

Of course, whether any of this “opening door” stuff will also coincide with the miraculous arrival of the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes crew to our front door, is highly doubtful. Although, we should never entirely give up hope here. I, for instance, just ordered 320 new magazines for the year in an earnest bid to effortlessly guide the PCH folks to the exact location of my house. I also have pictures of the late, great Ed McMahon, posted on my street mailbox, and in them he’s further pointing the way to my front door, as I have known about this eclipse for many months now and its’ possible ramifications for my life, if I take certain, drastic measures.

Capricorn is symbolized by the goat climbing up the mountain, with the mountain personifying success. Capricorn wants to be successful in whatever it does, so this eclipse new moon will likely have the net affect of firing up our ambitions. It’s the perfect time to really get going on our new year’s resolutions, be it to lose weight, or become chairman of the board. Win the PCH sweepstakes.

Arianna Huffington, in her “Sunday Roundup” at The Huffington Post on Sunday, mentioned that, this year, she was “deleting” some things from her resolution list, that she earlier thought she would do one day, but realizes now that she will never do. She is checking these resolutions off “as complete,” and crossing them off her list, so she can focus on “freeing up space for those projects” she is truly committed to. This is very reflective of the typical Capricornian-mindset, which is very utilitarian and realistic in its approach.

Also read in the Wall Street Journal that Oprah Winfrey doesn’t even make resolutions anymore. She was quoted in there as saying: “I don’t make them, because I live in the space that I’m in right now. I move with the flow, live in the moment.” I guess, that approach also has its useful (Capricorn) advantages to it, as with that philosophy, you are maximizing, or at least attempting to anyway, what the present has to offer, instead of focusing on a future that is not at all guaranteed. Although, Capricorn also tends to be very cautious, likes to always have a plan in place, and is generally not very impromptu.

A Capricorn eclipse most likely will not bring us rapid fire gains, but rather signifies success as a result of self-discipline, commitment, hard work, and being pragmatic. Capricorn is not comfortable getting dragged into any obscure, or pie-in-the-sky endeavors. It wants to know, from the get-go, what it is dealing with. This may be especially the case, this go-round, as the eclipse forms a tight square with Karma Lord Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn perennially delights in holding our feet to the fire, making us accountable. Both Saturn, and Capricorn, are totally turned off by irresponsibility. It could be, too, that this eclipse coincides with a more difficult time for persons in positions of power or management. Especially for those who have been under-performing, as Capricorn rules authority figures, and the Sun denotes leadership.

With the “Saturn square,” too, we tend to be more critical (Saturn) of our leaders and higher-ups, much less willing to cut them any slack. Could be, too, this eclipse is a catalyst for changes in many corporate boardrooms around the world. Changes that could even trickle down to the local PTA hierarchy level. Maybe even into our own workplace offices. Of course, we also have the new U.S. Congress taking office, this week, with a Republican-controlled House, voted in on an apparent mandate to cut spending (synonymous with this Capricorn eclipse more “budget-minded” mentality).

Too, it appears that Capt. Owen Honors of the USS Enterprise is going to be officially relieved of his duties, perhaps as early as today, for airing lewd videos for his crew aboard the aircraft. While this airing actually occurred a few years ago, his activities were only really publicly brought to light on the eve of the eclipse. Fascinatingly, Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct in Pisces now, the zodiacal sign which rules film-making. Jupiter-Uranus can bring about sudden revelations!

The Jupiter and Uranus exact conjunction in watering hole Pisces (7:50 am EST) is, in fact, a big player in today’s lunation chart. These two guys have become pretty good drinking buddies, as of late. They have been basically paired up with each other for the last six months or so. Mostly in caring, underdog, dreamy Pisces, a short time in adventurous Aries. They are both headed back to Aries this year. Jupiter and Uranus won’t be conjunct again, however, until 2024. So this aspect is big news.

Again, Jupiter-Uranus can bring sudden breakthroughs (esp. in science, technology, internet) that significantly change or alter the playing field, both individually and collectively. Mentally, we may also envision grander possibilities for ourselves, perhaps see things in a totally new light. This is because Jupiter tends to expand or grow our consciousness. It is the planet of opportunity and abundance. Innovator Uranus, denotes change, and sudden flashes of genius and intuition. Uranus additionally rules humanitarian causes, and equality issues. Pisces, too, is a very compassionate sign. President Obama, for instance, just signed a big bill on Monday to give 9/11 first responders health care benefits. Was there ever a group more deserving? I don’t think so. It is also very exciting that we have this upbeat conjunction in place with this more practical Capricorn eclipse, as it gives us a desire to dream big (Pisces rules dreams), yet at the same time we are aware that we must work hard to turn our dreams into reality.

Additionally with this Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in place, we recently saw the historic repeal of the DADT bill in the U.S., which prevented gays and lesbians from serving openly in the military, a big leap forward for our nation, in my opinion. Another example of Uranus coming to the plate for us for equality and civil rights issues. I also mentioned in the last eclipse report for late Dec., that this same conjunction in 1969 in the sign of Libra coincided with the first “Moon walk,” yet another leap for all of mankind.

Also, there was more news, yesterday, of a possibly big breakthrough in cancer screening, in which even just one cancer cell may be able to be detected in the body. Wouldn’t that be great? How many lives might be saved with early detection? My mother sadly died of cancer on January 3, 1996. I also lost my husband to cancer. Who among us had not lost somebody to cancer? I wager to say, none of us.

To discern this conjunction’s magical meaning in our own lives, we should look to see the house that it is falling in, in our personal charts, to see where we may be experiencing sudden breakthroughs, or be arriving at fresh new understandings. Maybe even where miracles may be occurring. And, of course, we may have been already experiencing some of these things for the last several months, as this is the final phase of this opportunity cycle. Also, those persons who have planets or angles in their horoscopes at 27 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are going to be impacted the most by this final pairing of these two planets. I have my Jupiter at 27 Gemini, so, I guess, I am among the “chosen few” here. Could be because of my annual contribution to PCH. Jupiter in Gemini loves to read.

Finally, love goddess Venus (ruling relationships and money), presently deposited in the latter degrees of passionate Scorpio, also figures prominently in today’s lunation chart. Venus is exactly square to Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius, and she is also in a magical, harmonious trine to the Jupiter and Uranus conjunction.

Venus-Neptune is all about glamorizing or idealizing romance, having fantasy or phantom lovers (GC?), romantic involvement with individuals who are often, in reality, not at all as they appear to be on the surface. We can also fall head over heels for people who are not free (could be married or otherwise committed), or they are maybe on a different wavelength than us. We can also be tempted to play the role of martyr under this influence. Neptune rules actors. artists, musicians, creative types in general, so I guess now, I am personally very vulnerable since I have a crush on both Clooney (actor) and Jagger (musician). 🙂

Venus-Neptune is a classic deceptive marker, so we need to be very careful that we are not lied to and played like a fiddle for a short time, and then sadly dumped by the curbside for Monday morning garbage pick-up. New romantic relationships that strike up now need to be given the test of time, to see if the other person can really, “walk their talk,” and chew spearmint gum at the same time! Few can. Also, we may want to run in-depth background checks on these new lovers. Definitely we need to be cautious about giving them any of our hard-earned cash. Additionally, we may want to lock up our valuable art work, especially our prized “paint-by-number pieces,” as this is a shifty influence associated with art thefts!

Simultaneously, Venus in Scorpio trine Jupiter and Uranus in spiritual Pisces could signify for us the formation of new, expansive relationships and friendships with more “highly-evolved” types, who are into helping humanity. Or, we may also be more attracted to scientific types (Uranus) or inventors. Too, there’s a chance that we could even become infatuated with computer geeks (Uranus). This trine could also possibly denote the arrival of a soul mate, since Scorpio does rule past lives, and Venus rules lovers.

With Venus-Uranus, we are more attracted to, and or more accepting of, persons who maybe are a little bit different from us, or who are maybe more unconventional in general. Entertainment-wise, we may also want to engage in activities that wildly or radically deviate from our usual routine. We also may be want to participate in group activities now, which Uranus rules.

Too, Venus-Jupiter characteristically is all about indulging in fun and pleasure.  It can be very romantic. Venus-Uranus often brings about sudden attractions. Instant love! But remember, we still need to get the new love interest fingerprinted and thoroughly checked out, just as a precaution, due to Venus-Neptune. Later on, if we see that there might be some real potential, we may also want to go ahead and carefully administer an upright vacuuming test. In addition to asking the person directly, how they really feel about passionately vacuuming alone in the dark, especially during an eclipse. Do they like it, or not? If no, why not? Again, with Venus-Neptune, we must probe. Probe, probe, probe. 🙂

“Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind” Mick Jagger.  Especially if I lose my dream about you, Mick!

Okay. Now to my dream about George Clooney: I did actually have a dream/nightmare about George on New Year’s day, during a short “solo” nap alone (: in the middle of the day. In the weird thing, I remember looking out of my front living room window in my house, and seeing George standing in my front yard, with another nondescript man of color, who I did not recognize. The other guy was kind of a big guy. Probably his bodyguard.

George was wearing a sexy black leather jacket and faded blue jeans. But, to the best of my recollection, he did not appear to have any whips or chains under his arms, or at least, any that I could see, and trust me, I was looking for them. Unfortunately, too, in the dream, George ended up walking AWAY from my house with that guy, without even venturing to ring my doorbell. Symbolically, I took this as a very bad omen. He should have been walking TOWARDS my house instead. Don’t you think?

My house also probably signifies my physical body. A real slap in the face that George can’t even bring himself to ringing my bell! Does anyone out there do dream interpretation? Know maybe what this dream about Clooney may mean, or portend for me? Could it mean that I’m suppose to move perhaps more in the direction of Mick Jagger, with my natal, dual-lover, Venus in Gemini placement? Seek Mick out for my spiritual and emotional rescue? 🙂

Patrice Thompson

(c) Copyright 2010

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