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“The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Astrologically and metaphorically speaking, today could easily sub as the poster child for the Nike “Just do it!” slogan as we have action planet, Mars, harmoniously trined to expansive Jupiter, the planet of our dreams, goals, higher vision, and understanding. Jupiter also correlates with luck and prosperity. Whenever these two planets pair up, we’re usually more eager to act on our dreams. Often in bold ways! Perhaps even more so now as Mars and Jupiter are each transiting through their own signs, making their impact potentially more powerful. Mars is in initiating Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Jupiter is in visionary Sagittarius, the sign of higher education, learning, and travel. Aries and Sagittarius are also both fire signs. Fire signs are interested in direct, creative expression in the outer world. Mars in the sign of Aries can particularly be very pioneering. Highly adventurous. Very history-making! It’s always interesting to see what transpires, globally or collectively, whenever Mars rolls through Aries.  And, today, too, it’s aligned with abundant Jupiter! it could very well be that we’re on the threshold or verge of some major breakthroughs, or some very exciting discoveries!

Opportunities tend to manifest more quickly now, but they do need to be acted upon!  Now is not the time for procrastination! For those of us who may also feel less compelled to tackle any big stuff, at the moment, we still could take some kind of action now to further us along on our path. 

“There are two kinds of people. One kind, you can just tell by looking at them at what point they congealed into their final selves. It might be a very nice self, but you know you can expect no more surprises from it. Whereas, the other kind keep moving, changing… They are fluid. They keep moving forward and making new trysts with life, and the motion of it keeps them young. In my opinion, they are the only people who are still alive. You must be constantly on your guard against congealing.” Gail Godwin

Today is also excellent potentially for business expansion, negotiations, publishing, promotions, educational matters, travel planning, and involvement in sports. Mars governs sports and athletics, and when it’s aligned with enthusiastic Jupiter there can be an extra strong desire to break or set performance records. One other thing about Mars-Jupiter energy: When it’s taken to the extreme, it often becomes the epitome of fanaticism! Of course, in sports, fanaticism is probably an advantage, at least to a degree, because with it we’re likely more driven to win or succeed. But, when it comes to fanaticism in our daily lives, that’s another story, and also where things can get a whole lot dicier or complicated! Especially with respect to the topics of religion and politics. Both of those hot button areas are ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The Moon, meanwhile, is also in relationship Libra today endowing us with extra finesse and diplomacy for dealing with others. It’s also a nice influence for romance and socializing! “If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.” Alfred Tennyson

Enjoy your day! Just do it! 🙂

Patrice Thompson 

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