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“Communication without clarity is noise. Speak with purpose and you’ll propel your audience to take massive action towards a journey of self-improvement.” Farshad Asl

Mercury, symbolizing our way of thinking and communicating, forms a superior conjunction with the Sun tonight (9:52 pm), our basic identity, at 10 degrees of detached Aquarius.  This Mercury-Sun aspect is analogous to the illuminating Full Moon, in terms of Mercury’s approximate 116-day cycle. And, just as it is when we have a Full Moon, we are potentially more privy now to gaining greater clarity about matters in our lives. Especially, perhaps, with respect to more clearly understanding our own life purpose (the Sun) in relation to the larger collective (Aquarius). With Mercury conjunct the Sun, our basic sense of self, permeates or colors our thinking and outlook. It could be that we also receive a piece or two of vital information, at this time, or maybe birth a deeper insight, that confirms for us what we had already suspected in the back of our mind. That also potentially keenly aids us in our continuing voyage of self-discovery. We tend to do a better job now of filling in the blanks, connecting the dizzying dots. Discerning, particularly, what’s working for us, and what’s not. This phase of Mercury is also associated with having more of a practical, long-range view of things, that is based largely on facts and history (left-brain) versus a mental perspective focused more on our emotions or intuition (right-brain).

In general, the Mercury-Sun energy now is very favorable for learning, brainstorming, and problem-solving, especially since this superior conjunction is occurring in the futuristic, innovative sign of Aquarius, where there’s always greater receptivity to new ideas. It’s also an excellent time to, perhaps, seriously think about or discuss, forward-moving ideas that can help to benefit or liberate the collective or humanity as a whole. “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” Rosa Luxemburg

Astronomically, Mercury in superior conjunction with the Sun marks the end of Mercury’s appearance in the morning sky and its transition to being an object visible in the evening, in the days ahead.

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Hope you enjoy your day! Think progressively! 🙂

Patrice Thompson

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