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“There’s no place like home.” Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz.

There’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees of security-conscious Cancer today (4:55 am EDT), the nurturing sign of Mother and our ancestral roots that is also linked to the past. Eclipses are highly charged events that can have impact for up to six months. Too, the affects of an eclipse are often felt immediately, usually within a few days, on either side of the event (please refer to my other recent “eclipse blogs,”  for more info about this subject).

This lunation, in which the Sun and Moon are both conjunct in Cancer, also sets up a “grand cardinal cross,” or square in the sky, involving Uranus in Aries (personal freedom), Pluto in Capricorn (transformation), and Saturn in Libra (responsibility). New Moons usher in new beginnings, although Solar Eclipses can also bring about sudden endings, especially with respect to long-standing situations.

The grand cardinal cross can also coincide with critical turning points, or releases in matters, that have us “springing into action,” as a response. Our “taking action” can also have the net affect of creating new beginnings for ourselves. Too, just as the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) denote the arrival of the seasons, the activation of the cardinal cross can also denote pivotal life transitions. This “much ballyhooed configuration” is often a potent antidote or cure for any stagnating or fence-straddling tendencies.

Today’s eclipse lunation will likely have us dealing with practical issues of our own basic survival and security, something that is central to the Cancer psyche. Cancer, insulated by its crab shell, is perennially wanting to shore up its defenses and protect itself, and its family members, from possible hostile forces in the outer world. Cancer rules the home (and the womb), our personal haven and private base of operations, to which we return each day to seek solace and nourishment (Cancer also rules the food supply and eating habits).

With the sign of Cancer also being governed by the feminine Moon, women’s issues (including women’s health), as well as issues involving the family and parenting, may figure more prominently into our lives now. Too, just this week, with the Sun in Cancer making an opposition to bulldozing Pluto in Capricorn (part of the grand cross), an FDA panel unanimously voted to revoke the approval of  Avastin, a popular drug for breast cancer treatment (Cancer rules the breasts).

Also, testimony is expected to conclude today in the riveting, high-profile, Casey Anthony trial, that has much of the nation, even the world, glued to their television sets. CNN.com is also reporting that the case could go to the jury as early as this weekend. The Casey Anthony trial centers around a mother allegedly murdering her own child (Cancer-related theme of mother and child). Another example of how the grand cross energy often brings matters to a head and or provides for resolution.

Too, NYT.com is reporting today that the high-profile sexual assault case against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, involving a hotel maid (a Cancer-ruled occupation), has suddenly turned around and is weakening, which is a huge development. Other internet news reports, this morning, say the case against him is “imploding” or “collapsing.” In the eclipse chart again, the Sun and Moon in Cancer (the sign of hotels) oppose Pluto which rules rape and sexual assault.  Too, Pluto rules investigative efforts and often when it’s ray is activated, we find out new information that previously was hidden. Reportedly, the hotel maid now has major credibility issues.

Also, with the Eclipse’s square to freedom-loving, rebellious Uranus, in self-identity Aries, we may be tempted to be a bit more defiant now and break with convention in a bid to “do our own thing.” Of course, the Eclipse’s square to taskmaster Saturn, in partnership Libra, should also serve to hold us accountable to others for our actions. Saturn rarely lets us off the hook.

Too, Aries rules the world of sports, and last night, the NBA locked out its’ players which could imperil the 2011-12 basketball season. Could this move also be a manifestation of the volatile Uranus in Aries shaking things up in the sports world? Uranus, on the shadow side, can be a very disruptive influence.

BTW, with the transiting Cancer Sun’s square to non-traditional Uranus (part of the grand cross), this past week, we saw gay marriage, still somewhat of a controversial matter, legalized in the state of New York. Uranus is also the planet of equality and civil rights.

Again, purging, transforming Pluto (ruler of death and regeneration), stationed in utilitarian Capricorn, is a major player in today’s Eclipse, and grand cross, with the Sun and Moon in Cancer opposing it and both Uranus and Saturn squaring it. Pluto will likely have us, once again, reinventing or re-fashioning ourselves (maybe out of practical necessity). We may also discover things about ourselves (hopefully uncover some hidden strengths), that we never knew existed. Pluto characteristically speaks to the “depths of our experience.” It rules our subconscious. Basically, anything that is buried or hidden.

For instance, Pluto also rules mines, and on Wednesday, of this week, U.S. Labor Department officials announced that the Massey energy mine disaster, where 29 workers were killed more than a year ago, was preventable (from wsj.com). This finding also was released (coincidentally?) with the Sun exactly opposite to Pluto.

Too, with Pluto’s “eliminating” ray stoked, once again by the opposing Sun in Cancer, the Greek Parliament finally approved a five-year “austerity plan” for that country. Also, on our own “home front,” with this same planetary aspect, President Obama put pressure on Congress, to come up with a debt-reduction package. He also talked about ending certain tax breaks for “millionaires and billionaires.” Pluto additionally rules debt and taxes, and credit.

Pluto is also, however, not just about coping with less materially, or borrowing. It can also mean that we must pare down our range of activities, so that we can focus or concentrate our energies more. With both Pluto and Saturn, we tend to consolidate our forces.

One more thing, sort of interesting here and very applicable to today’s “home-related” Cancer eclipse. On Wednesday (again with the Cancer Sun opposite revelatory Pluto), a New York Times/CBS News Poll revealed that nearly 9 in 10 Americans say that “owning a home” is still an important part of the American dream, even though many also question it as a good investment, in wake of the brutal recession. (from NYT.com)

NEWS UPDATE Fri. afternoon 7/1: In Riverside County in California, the County Supervisor, Jeff Stone, is reportedly calling for as many as 13 southern counties in California to secede from the state and form a new state called “South California.” He reportedly proposed the idea late yesterday in a statement. I thought this proposal was fascinating, coming on the eve of the Cancer Eclipse, as Cancer rules matters of the land and state government. This “secession” also has shadows of rebel Uranus written all over it. And, Pluto, as Pluto transforms things and this would create another state.

Also, in Minnesota today, the state shut down over a budget deficit impasse (Pluto?).

Other “New Moon in Cancer” tie-ins: moving or changing residences; home remodeling or redecorating; having a yard or tag sale; matters involving homeless people and homeless shelters; self-nurturing; focusing on family issues or relationships (perhaps patching up difficulties); family reunions; outings or events with neighbors; involvement with local community activities;  genealogy research; baking, cooking, and trying out new recipes; buying home furniture or new home appliances; matters involving the restaurant or food industry; anything connected with grocery stores; food banks; matters pertaining to real estate and property investment; property tax issues; matters involving the hotel or hospitality industry; farming and agriculture; issues of homeland security and defense; acts of patriotism; doing gardening and yard work – time for planting above-ground crops (until the Full Moon); matters involving birth control, pregnancy, foster care, and adoption.

Happy Eclipse Day!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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