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“He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.” Lao Tzu

The Moon vacates self-indulgent Taurus for chatterbox Gemini (3:57 am EDT) quickening the pace of our responses and also making us keen on wanting to articulate our feelings with just about anybody who will give us five minutes.

We may even be willing to share some of our innermost, personal secrets today, as we have the illuminating Sun forming an opposition to “spy who loves me” Pluto (Pluto governs spies and espionage). Mysterious Pluto presides over our subconscious and when his shadowy ray is activated, we often “spill the beans” (purge) on private matters from A to Z. Too, the chatty Gemini Moon is more than happy to assist us here. 🙂

Sun-Pluto can be a very healing and transforming influence (Pluto rules rebirth), as it can serve to shine a light on certain things about ourselves, our motivations, etc., that we were previously unaware of, including suddenly making us aware of inner strengths or resources that we never knew we had before. Pluto rules the study of psychology and psychiatry.

When the Sun and Pluto are paired together, issues of power and control also tend to arise. Much of the time with this aspect, we are wanting more of both of these things. Too, because Pluto is connected with the hidden side of our nature, our darker impulses may manifest and we may be tempted to act in ways that could be described as more primitive. For instance, we may get more defensive and interpret things around us in more of a hostile or threatening manner, especially with the Sun in self-protective Cancer.

Again, the best antidote for any of this more unenlightened type behavior, is simply practicing self-awareness and keeping mindful of our mannerisms and inner stirrings. We also would be very wise to adopt more of a cooperative stance when dealing with others today versus unleashing our inner, unruly child.

IN THE NEWS: On the eve of this Sun-Pluto aspect being exact, late yesterday,  Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, was found guilty of corruption and trying to sell President Obama’s Senate Seat. He could receive 20 years in prison. On the shadow side, Sun-Pluto reigns over corruption, manipulation, and misuse of power. Pluto is also in Capricorn, the sign of government officials.

On a more uplifting note, Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, also made her first, official, public appearance in six months, late yesterday, at a NASA event in Houston, with her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly. Gifford was shot in the head back in January during a mass shooting in Arizona. Her public appearance yesterday was certainly a more positive manifestation of this same Sun-Pluto energy. Too, with this influence, we often get a chance to see or witness things that have been hidden from view for a while. Gifford has been making a miraculous recovery from her injuries, again a testament to her own indomitable spirit and Pluto’s healing, transformational ray.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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