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“To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.” William Shakespeare

We are looking at, essentially, two days rolled into one today, as we have the slower-paced, void-of-course “money-hungry” Taurus Moon, in the morning, and then the faster-paced, Gemini Moon in the afternoon (1:09 pm EDT). It probably serves us well to sort of chill out during the a.m. hours (attend to mainly routine matters), and then crank things up a bit later, when the Moon enters nervous, restless Gemini, the sign of communication and travel.

Too, one “cosmic weather advisory” here: When the Moon first prances into fast-talker Gemini, it immediately forms a hippie square to psychedelic Neptune (2:30 pm EDT), holed up in “why can’t we all just get along” Pisces. On the plus side, the Moon-Neptune square can fill us with inspiration and imagination, and maybe compassion (is also an excellent time for meditation and prayer). But, on the shadow side, it can also bring about some weird stuff, too, such as crackpot visions, delusions of grandeur, massive denial, con-men entering into our orbit, etc. In general, a very good chance for temporary “mass confusion,” including massive difficulty in correctly picking the winning lotto numbers for tonight’s drawing. 🙂

However, the Neptunian veil does eventually lift and the stage is then set for some really cool scenarios to occur with the Moon’s sextile to progressive, “electrifying” Uranus in “race car” Aries (6:49 pm EDT), when we may be emotionally stimulated to the max and thrilled by the sudden (Uranus) turn of events. It is also a great time to take unique action that defines us and sets us apart as an individual (Uranus). Uranus governs our “urge for individuality.” Also, our “urge for personal freedom.”

BTW, President Barack Obama (a Leo Sun) has his natal Mercury at 2 degrees of Leo (Mercury rules the mind and decisions) and his natal Moon at 3 degrees of Gemini, just like the Moon today (Moon rules moods and public image), so “liberating” Uranus in militaristic Aries is exactly harmoniously trining his Mercury now, and also favorably sextiling his Moon. “Mercury-Uranus” often inclines us to make decisions that are perhaps bolder and, more controversial or rebellious in nature (Uranus), that may also break with tradition (Uranus), or are unprecedented. Uranus can also endow us with brilliant insights, when paired with “thinker” Mercury, as Uranus is the planet that is linked with genius, innovation, and scientific discovery. Uranus is also the “higher octave” of Mercury, and also governs flashes of intuition.

President Obama’s bold decision (Mercury), reportedly made last Friday, to raid Osama Bin Laden‘s compound (combative Aries action), was a sudden “game-changer” and “defining moment” (Uranus) for his presidency, and for the overall, general perception (Moon-Uranus) of his presidency. Too, that is how unpredictable Uranus tends to operate, when its ray is stoked. It strikes with a characteristic swiftness, and its impact can then often change the trajectory of future events forever. It has been symbolically likened to a “bolt of lightning” coming out of the blue.

Obama also simultaneously has transiting Pluto, symbolizing rebirth, trining his natal Pluto now, another long-term aspect which can also mark a time of major transformation. Also that same aspect can be a “test of one’s power” (Pluto), a test of how one wields influence and control (Pluto) in the world. Pluto also governs and depicts the masses, and events that impact the mass population. Of course, he also made his decision when the Sun was exactly trine Pluto, in the sky, on Friday, and Mars was conjunct Jupiter in Aries, an aspect of adventure.

Also, as I am writing this, a “New York Times/CBS News” poll has just been released showing a big rise in Obama’s poll numbers, among both Republicans and Independents, in wake of the killing of Osama Bin Laden. According to the poll, 57% approve of his job performance, compared to 46% last month. Although, 6 in 10 Americans polled felt that bin Laden’s death was likely to increase the threat of terrorism against the U.S. in the short-term. Let’s pray the latter, is not the case.

Famous Taurus Birthdays May 4: Randy Travis (52), late Audrey Hepburn (82)

Enjoy your day! Dare to be different (Moon-Uranus)! But, do be careful about imbibing too much of the Kool-Aid (Moon-Neptune) around mid-day. 🙂

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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