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“If you want to feel rich, just count the things in life that money can’t buy.” Proverb Quote

The positioning of the New Moon (new beginning) in slower, steady Taurus today at 13 degrees of the sign (2:51 am EDT), coming as it does amid the stellium of five planets still remaining in active, masculine Aries, including the hyper-enthusiastic, but waning “Mars-Jupiter” conjunction, helps to give us more of a sense of firm footing. We may feel less compelled to “act” and more inclined to simply “be.” Of course, this will be even more the case when Mercury, Venus (the feminine ruler of Taurus), and Mars all shift into earthy Taurus around mid-month from fiery, “Mars-ruled” Aries.

The keywords for Taurus the Bull are: “I have.” Enduring Taurus is concerned with acquisition and money matters. Doing whatever it can to solidify or secure its base of operations. It needs to feel more of a sense of permanence and stability which often occurs as a result of effectively managing its personal resources.

Too, money often “does matter” because, in many instances, money helps afford us the freedom and mobility of being able to “do our own thing,” with less restriction or interference from others. It also helps us to procure the things that we desire, instead of having to go without. It also aids us in practically manifesting the vision and dream of the preceding sign of Aries. “I am” Aries enthusiastically initiates, conceptualizes, lives in the moment. Taurus takes Aries newly-birthed dreams and creative ideas and gives them tangible shape and breath, so they don’t peter out. Aries’ visions of “sugar plum fairies’  become “real-life realities” alongside Taurus’s talented, Midas-type touch.

The down-to-earth sign of Taurus also speaks to us in plain english about our values. Whatever we spend our time and money on is often a good barometer of what it is that we value. What we value or esteem, of course, we ultimately become, as we actively seek to attract to us, the things that we treasure.

Too, if we are not presently happy with what we have around us, be it possessions or relationships, it could be that we have been putting emphasis on the wrong things in our lives, or have maybe been sending the Universe mixed messages. We may want to use this Taurus New Moon to become clearer, in our own minds, on exactly what it is that we do want in our lives, as well as what we don’t want.

On another level, we may already be fairly sure of what we want, but we are not very effective at time management, so as a consequence, we do not attract to us the things that we desire. We perhaps fritter away our precious days and nights on inconsequential matters that, in the end, only serve to imprison us from reaching our dreams and potentials.

This New Moon in Taurus is also receiving a quinqunx (adjustment) aspect from taskmaster Saturn in partnership Libra. With Saturn, there is usually the requirement that we have to explain ourselves or justify our actions to somebody. Could be a partner (Libra) in this case.

Regardless of the scenario, this quinqunx to critical Saturn may actually be a positive thing for us, as it can perhaps help us to better define (Saturn) to ourselves, what it is that we do truly want in our lives. It could be, too, that we decide that we don’t want “interfering types” hovering around us (Saturn in Libra) and that they better hush up, or quickly become history! 🙂 We may also, again realize, that we have to make some changes in our daily habits, and how we go about allocating our “Saturn-ruled time,” so as to be able to acquire more of what we want out of life. This is something that I am personally trying to work on now for myself – and it ain’t easy!

Also, perhaps we would all be wise to keep in mind that, often when we help others (Libra) to get what they want, we do end up getting what we want (Taurus), and more. Especially when we freely give to others with a selfless spirit. Sometimes, of course, it is hard to give of ourselves freely, but that’s okay. In time, it often does get easier with conscious intention and a little bit of practice. Kind of like riding a bike.

What is it that you would like to have more of, in your life, with this trusty,Taurus New Moon standing by, ready to practically oblige you? What would you like to eliminate or scale back on? What three things can you do now, this very moment, to begin manifesting your desires? Is there also something that you could do today to help others, close to you, realize their dreams? Sometimes a simple word of encouragement, does the trick, don’t you think? Or just the withholding of a poisonous, negative remark.

Too, the Moon and Sun are in uncomplicated Taurus, which means that we do best by keeping our actions and deeds simple, and authentic. Of course, we cannot entirely rule out all the fanfare, with much of the gang, still rockin’ and rollin’ in the exuberant sign of Aries, which loves martial parades and colorful celebrations. We just need to find a happy balance here.

BTW, yours truly, has her natal Sun in Taurus and her rising in Aries, and spontaneous Mars, ruler of Aries, in her 10th house of career, at the very top of her chart. I am continually trying to find a healthy balance between feeling I need to originate new things and set the world on fire versus just sticking to and building upon what I have already undertaken. “New” things (Aries) perpetually tempt me and seem more golden to me then what already tangibly exists (Taurus) around me. Perhaps if I simply took more time cultivating and getting to know and appreciate what I already have, I would be much better off. More relaxed and at peace with myself.

Famous Taurus Birthdays May 3: Jaycee Dugard (31), Franki Valli (77)

My personal wish for you today: May you enjoy the rich harvest of the Taurus New Moon blessings, and magically attract to you, your heart’s noblest desires.

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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