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We start out our Wednesday – the 205th day of the year – with Waning Luna (governing our feelings and emotions) wrapping up her stay in fast-acting Aries, perhaps generating more of a general restlessness within us and also more of a tendency towards impulsivity as we are more inclined now to directly act upon our emotions. (The Moon will be void from 10:47 am to 5:42 pm, at which time it will enter the sign of stabilizing Taurus.)

Communicator Mercury retrograde is also forming a conjunction with sweet, soothing Venus in sentimental Cancer (8:26 pm). This softening influence can not only make us wax poetic and perhaps kindle our romantic side as well, it can also find us revisiting and analyzing old relationships, old feelings, including reviewing elements of our familial or ancestral past. Articulating our feelings now may also be more important to us. Additionally, it may be a wonderful time to visit art galleries, take in concerts, redecorate our living quarters, as we potentially have more of an aptitude and appreciation for beauty now in all of its forms. Too, this conjunction nicely dovetails with today’s numerology, since it’s the 24th day of the month, which is also a Venus-ruled six-day.

The Moon also enters its Last Quarter Phase in practical Taurus tonight (9:17 pm), squaring the Sun in self-expressive Leo. (The Quarter Moon phase always suggests some crisis in consciousness is possible.) It could be that we need to reconcile now a need to be pragmatic with a desire to be creative. Perhaps discerning how to place or put a value or worth (Taurus) on our own creative instincts (Leo).

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

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On This Day in History: On July 24, 1965, Bob Dylan (b. 5/24/41) releases the classic “Like A Rolling Stone.” Astrologically, that day, Mercury (words) and Venus (artistry) were conjunct in creative Leo (similar to what we have today with those same two planets conjunct in Cancer). The empowering Sun was also in dramatic Leo and sextile to the Waning Moon in articulate, clever Gemini. Dylan also had, in his own birth chart, transiting fortuitous (preacher-teacher) Jupiter in Gemini exactly conjunct his 7th house cusp (ruling the public) and trining his Libra Midheaven (career house).

Hope it’s a good one!

Patrice Thompson

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