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The first half of the day finds the enterprising Waning Moon in Aries making a Grand Fire Trine to assertive Mars in Leo (9:33 am) and to expansive Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius (12:13 pm), so we have a real opportunity, at this time, to turn things around in a positive way that feels very spacious and invigorating to us. The fire signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius – naturally invoke our passions, or what it is that is burning in our heart. A Grand Fire Trine also suggests a special ability to more effortlessly put into motion our strongest desires.

Again, with the Moon in its waning phase, we are continuing to work on bringing things to completion now, as well as actively eliminating what isn’t working. Too, it’s interesting how we often equate “adding things” to our lives as automatically making them better, but sometimes, “subtracting” the non-essential elements is what really ends up giving our lives their richness and distinction. Kind of like removing unnecessary furniture pieces or accessories out of a room so what you have left is easier to see and appreciate and manage.

This is also an excellent period to work on developing our sense of self-confidence (Leo), our sense of daring or adventure (Aries), as well as refining our vision for ourselves and our future (Sagittarius).

Structuring Saturn Rx in Capricorn is also trining focused Vesta in Taurus today, allowing us a chance to become more grounded in our work or duties. It may be that we are returning to a work project now (Saturn Rx) that we earlier abandoned or put on hold. It’s also potentially easier for us to become more disciplined now as we can ideally see that the “end is in sight.”

Since this is also the 23rd day of the month (or a Mercury-ruled five day) there’s a tendency to employ a more mental or intellectual approach to the day. Our cognitive juices are flowing. An especially good time, perhaps, to follow-up on, or communicate to the world, what we are curious about. There may also be more of a flair for diplomacy or for extending an olive branch. It could be we are more inventive or creative now regarding strategies on how to do this.

“I think, at a child’s birth if a mother could ask a fairy godmother to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift would be curiosity.” Eleanor Roosevelt

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Hope you make it a great one, today!

Patrice Thompson

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