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It’s always nice to begin our Monday with a little bit of extra zing, going for us – and that appears to be the situation today!

The Waning Moon (governing our emotions) first shifts into “start me up” Aries, this morning (6:02 am), the sign of new beginnings, and then, later tonight, the Sun (ego, purpose, and will) follows suit with a shift into “self-expressive” Leo the Lion (10:50 pm), where it will hang out for the next 30 days, giving us ample time to “strut our stuff” as well as display/employ/develop our creative abilities and leadership skills. When the Sun is in proud, self-confident Leo, we naturally like to be in charge. We also crave the limelight. The Sun will be joining assertive Mars, already in Leo, and, later this week, lovable Venus will also be entering this kingly-queenly sign.

Another cool thing about today is that, numerologically, it’s the 22nd day of the month. The number 22 is considered to be a “master number” and is linked with the “master builder” vibration, potentially allowing us to manifest our dreams with greater ease.

Also, the simple fact that it’s a Monday, the beginning of the workweek, can inspire or re-motivate us to, once again, get going with our lofty, very laudable agendas. (In Daniel H. Pink’s latest book “When”, he mentions “Mondays” as one of the “temporal landmarks” associated with fresh starts.)

Too, since the Moon is in its waning phase and decision-maker Mercury is retrograde until July 31st, it may be best to focus on putting the finishing touches on our magnifico creations now instead of rolling out anything new.

“Starting is not most people’s problem, staying, continuing and finishing is.” Darren Hardy

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On This Day in History: On July 22, 1959, Ed Wood’s cult classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space” (an independently produced science fiction-horror film) called one of the worst films ever, premieres.

Astrologically, that day, presenter Mercury was stationing retrograde in “Hollywood director” Leo conjunct eccentric, quirky Uranus (the planet which also governs science fiction). Enterprising Mars was also newly-installed in detail-minded Virgo conjunct “shock-jock” Pluto. Mars and Pluto were also trine to “Father Time” Saturn in “professionally-minded” Capricorn which is maybe why the movie is still being talked about today. Trines to Saturn are associated with longevity (or staying power).

Hope you enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson

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