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Cosmic Weather:

The ever twinkling stars, today, suggest an ambitious/burgeoning tendency to want to “usher in the new” and “clear out the old” in very bold or flashy ways (Mars in Leo), especially incorporating whatever is perceived to be “cutting-edge” or “revolutionary” in nature (Uranus in Taurus); Mars-Uranus energy is historically associated with originality and inventiveness, including defying or disavowing the status quo.

However, on a cautionary note, before we fully commit to jumping aboard this beckoning, enticing starship now, we may want to first identify what it is that is already working out favorably for us – perhaps, for instance, identifying the foundational elements/values in our life that are worth preserving or holding on to – so we don’t have to come back later, and try to pencil them back in, thereby costing ourselves, dearly, in terms of our time and or energetic currency. Too, it is not always possible to reinstate elements of the past once the door has been shut.

We also likely come out a winner today by dialing back on those things that are deemed/considered to be cognitive distractions for us, that overload or tax our brains, and thereby cause us to become more careless or reckless in our dealings or interactions with our immediate environment. (Mars-Uranus energy already carries enough of a jolt on its own. We likely don’t need any extra stimulation now!)

The Waxing Moon is also still in its First Quarter and in the investigative sign of Scorpio, priming us to want to “get to the heart” of issues. Luna’s trine to the nurturing Cancer Sun, this afternoon (3:32 pm), is also potentially very positive for healing, especially for remedying relationships with family members.

“The way you help heal the world is you start with your own family.” Mother Teresa

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Hope you enjoy your Thursday!

Patrice Thompson

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