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Today we may do well to keep in mind the proverbial saying: “All that glitters is not gold” as Venus (the planet of love, values, and money) moves into a square formation with Neptune Rx (the planet of idealism as well as deception). Venus-Neptune energy can seduce us to “long for/fall for” the dream, even though the logarithms/metrics may not quite add up in real-time. In reality, of course, there is nothing wrong with dreaming or imagining things to be a certain way; the issues or problems arise, however, when we refuse or intentionally choose not to look at the cold hard facts. On another level, Venus-Neptune tends to heighten our compassion/empathy for others as well as our enhance our creativity. We also may find pleasure now, or take refuge, in being by the sea or water. Going for such things as a hydromassage may also be enjoyable.

Jupiter Rx (representing our beliefs, our personal philosophy of life) is also quinqunx the North Node in nurturing Cancer today (2:28 pm), suggesting that we are feeling a little askew or off-center about integrating the bigger picture into the fabric of our daily lives. This could be because there is possibly a little bit of shifting going on inside of us now and we may need some time to sort things out.

Waning Luna also continues her passage through illusionary Pisces, until late tonight (10:37 pm), when she then will move into action-oriented Aries, a time when we may also be tempted to kick it into warp speed.

(Venus in Gemini Squares Neptune Rx in Pisces. Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius quinqunx the North Node in Cancer. Moon in Pisces moves into Aries.)

*All times EDT

Question for Today: What fantasy do you aspire to make real?

On This Day in History: On June 24, 1916, Mary Pickford (b. April 8, 1892), known as “America’s Sweetheart” becomes the first female star to get a million dollar film contract. A talented actress starring in over 200 films, she was also the co-founder of United Artists and of the Motion Picture Academy.

Pickford was born with her natal Sun (life purpose) and Jupiter (the expansive urge) in pioneering Aries and also had Neptune (ruling film and motion pictures) exactly conjunct Pluto (transformation) in contractual Gemini (at 7 degrees). Her Venus (attracting power, artistry) was also part of that Neptune-Pluto conjunction (at 3 degrees of Gemini). Venus-Neptune individuals can often leave us “spellbound,” while  Venus-Pluto natives are often able to wield great personal power and charisma as well.

When Pickford also signed her million dollar movie contract, that day in the sky, the transiting Sun (recognition, power) and Pluto (reform) were exactly conjunct in feminine Cancer, and Venus (money) and Saturn (success) were also tightly conjunct (one degree) in that same sign as well, definitely putting a spotlight on the “Goddess” energy. Venus conjunct Saturn is also an excellent astrological aspect for stabilizing or solidifying one’s finances.

“You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call  ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.” Mary Pickford

Hope you enjoy your Monday!

Patrice Thompson

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