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Cosmic Weather:

(Venus in Gemini opposes Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, 12:44 pm;

Venus quinqunx Saturn in Capricorn, 10:31 pm;

Moon in Pisces squares Jupiter, 10:03 pm; sextiles Saturn, 11:09 pm; squares Venus, 11:13 pm; and conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, 11:55 pm.)

*All times EDT

It sometimes seems that our desires, needs, and/or wants have a mind of their own, doesn’t it? Today, for instance, we may crave x,y, or z. But then, tomorrow, we may do a complete 180 and suddenly want whatever we didn’t want yesterday. Go figure! And then there are other times when we are pretty much clueless about seemingly everything, except maybe about the type of food we like to eat. Or perhaps the people we like to hang out with. 🙂

With Venus (representing what we love, covet, or value) forming an opposition to Jupiter Rx (the urge for expansion), we may be seductively drawn to an ever-widening array of choices that we perceive or suspect might bring us a fairly good measure of earthly pleasure. Sort of akin to a child being set loose in a toy store and wanting or demanding to see/touch/examine everything.

But Venus is also forming a quincunx aspect to Saturn Rx (signifying rules, limits, and the past). This influence seems to suggest that while we are pondering or reaching for more now, we also are possibly constrained or restricted, in some ways, by the memories or experience(s) of our past. It could be, too, that we’re waxing nostalgic for certain elements of our past; but also probably knowing, simultaneously, that those things are no longer really doable or viable for us, in our present-day world, and that looking back upon them now might even be a bit torturous or self-sabotaging for us, depending upon how we manage to spin things. Saturn also signifies the scarcity principle so perhaps we are feeling ambivalent about even indulging our desires, at this time, with taskmaster Saturn reminding us that “there’s always a price to pay for everything.”

To top it off, the Waning Moon is also in dissolving, transpersonal Pisces, all day, and later tonight, it will also be aspecting Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as ego-denying Neptune, the Moon’s ruler, so it could be that we are able to cross a bridge or turn a corner now, and move forward, to some degree, by letting go, or by surrendering some of what we have – but don’t really need. Too, just cognitively recognizing/accepting our resistance to letting go of “whatever it may be” now might also be a positive game-changer for us as it’s potentially laying down the groundwork for the future, and how we may want that future to be. Sometimes, we have to partake in a number of “test-runs” in our head before we’re fairly certain that we’re proceeding in the right direction.

“What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am?” Brene Brown

Question for Today: What one thing could you give up now that you intuitively know would be very freeing for you? Also, how might you be liberated by its release?

On This Day in History: On June 23, 1963, The Detroit March to Freedom occurs with 125,000 people participating, the largest civil rights demonstration in America up to that point.

Astrologically, that day, the nurturing Cancer Sun was exactly sextile to Uranus, the planet of change and equality, in the corrective sign of Virgo. (Sun-Uranus also favors group expression/group participation especially with respect to social and or humanitarian causes.)

Pioneering, assertive Mars was also separating (one degree) from an exact conjunction with transforming Pluto, both planets also in “fix-it” Virgo. Mars-Pluto energy is generally very powerful and intense in nature. We normally feel very driven or motivated to attain our objectives with it. It’s also associated with displaying acts of courage and or bravery as well as wanting to reclaim/wield/espouse our own personal power in the world.

“The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.” W.E.B Du Bois

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