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Doing whatever brings us pleasure is recommended today with the Moon in creative and dreamy Pisces, a lunar placement that often inclines us to want to escape the daily grind. Too, Neptune-ruled Pisces is the official sign of fairy tales, so it’s not that surprising that we may want to steep ourselves in “never never land” for a while when the Moon is magically moving through here. Also, engaging in fantasy and using the powers of our imagination can be very healing and rejuvenating. Of course, all things that eventually manifest or take shape on the earth plane, are first initially seeded by our imagination. The Pisces Moon is also good for meditation or prayer.

However, we do need to be more mindful of not overdoing things today, as we have both Venus (what we love) and Mercury (our thinking and communication) forming stressful quinqunx aspects to Jupiter (expansion) in self-indulgent Taurus. With Jupiter roguishly in the picture, it is easier for us to do things to excess, or to overspend, misjudge or mis-calculate matters. By paying closer attention, though, to the devilish details and not glossing over costs, we still may be able to make some refreshing lemonade from the sour cosmic aspects. 🙂

“Too go too far, is as bad as to fall short.” Confucius

Enjoy your Saturday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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