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As the Moon leaves the soulful waters of Pisces and races into fiery, self-discovery Aries (2:02 pm EDT), there’s a fervor for newness and excitement in our lives. Especially when the Moon makes her monthly conjunction to freedom-loving Uranus (4:15 pm EDT), which often poises us to “push the envelope” and test the limits of things. This lunar influence can also incite our inner genius and make us more innovative, as Uranus is linked with brilliance and originality. Of course, on the shadow side, Moon-Uranus can quickly exhaust our reservoir of patience, if we’re not mindful, as it is highly charged, very restless energy, particularly in spontaneous, impulsive Aries.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Famous People with Moon conjunct Uranus: Anais Nin, Bob Dylan, Ann-Margret, Drew Carey, Jodi Foster

How can you engage or invoke your “inner Einstein” (Uranus) today? A couple helpful techniques: 1) Try to see beyond what appears on the surface of things. 2) Toss aside your natural assumptions and investigate matters.

November 6 birthday: Actress Sally Field turns 65 today! Field’s probing Scorpio Sun and pioneering Aries Moon exactly mirrors today’s Sun-Moon lineup. She also her Mercury and Venus conjunct in Sagittarius, which is additionally identical to what we have operating now. Mercury-Venus in Sadge can make a person very outspoken, but also very pleasant and likable, as Venus governs our “power of attraction.” With this aspect, we often seem to know the right things to say to others, to soothe or win them over. (Mercury rules words and communication).

Enjoy your Sunday!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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