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The enterprising Aries Moon normally positions us for confidently venturing outside of our comfort zone, although today may be a little different. This is because Mars, the planet of self-assertion and survival, and the natural ruler of Aries, is exactly opposite vague, elusive Neptune. Neptune, known as the Great Dissolver, tends to blur or obscure matters, and when aligned with Mars, we can easily feel confused or out of step regarding how to best direct our energy outward (Mars).  Neptune also symbolizes our urge for flight or escape, which can, of course, be a survivalist technique in itself.

On the shadow side, Mars-Neptune also has a legacy with misplaced aggression, and even subterfuge and scandal. It is also linked with acts of surrender.

Regarding how to navigate the day, it may be best for us to not push or force issues. We may also want to make sure that we honor our commitments and not shirk or run away from our duties or obligations. Too, it may be wise to subdue our egos and serve others instead. Mars-Neptune can generally be more of an ego-denying influence; however, when we give back to others, this aspect can help to lead us back to our true, authentic center.

“The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free.”  Robert Brault

Famous People with Mars opposite Neptune: Paula Abdul, Maya Angelou, Elizabeth Taylor, Tiger Woods, Jim Bakker.

Enjoy your day!

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2011

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