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“All charming people, I fancy, are spoiled. It is the secret of their attraction.” Oscar Wilde

The late Elizabeth Taylor and the late Johnny Cash (born just a day apart) both had their Venus (ruling love, beauty, creativity, and power of attraction) exactly conjunct high-voltage Uranus (urge for individuality) in self-expressive Aries. The Venus-Uranus conjunction is often the hallmark of charismatic individuals with unique talents and gifts (and often striking appearances). We have this very same aspect today in Aries for the first time in over 75 years (10:29 pm EDT).

This Venus-Uranus influence can also make us crave more emotional excitement in our relationships and also in our pleasurable pursuits (ruled by Venus). Too, we are possibly more inclined to forge ties (Venus) with more non-conforming (Uranus) types, or to people we normally would not be attracted to. Venus-Uranus is also known for having sympathy for those who are perceived as “underdogs,” and this aspect often figures in prominently with the emergence of “gay rights” issues in the news.

Additionally, Venus-Uranus has a legacy of spawning “sudden infatuations” and instant “electrifying” relationships. Interestingly, John Lennon and Paul McCartney also met on a day when Venus was conjunct Uranus in entertainment Leo. Of course, we all know what transpired from that union. So, today could be filled with a lot of exciting possibilities for us, if we mingle. Too, this is a fantastic aspect for any creative endeavors.

Meanwhile, the Moon enters ambitious Capricorn (6:26 am EDT) today, kindling our desire to get ahead on the career front. The Moon’s square to rebel Uranus (10:34 am EDT), however, could create some fallout for us, if we try to rock the boat too much. Also, if we are too greedy for power, we could encounter some opposition when the Moon conjuncts controlling Pluto (7:52 pm EDT). At the same time, however, this aspect could be a potent time for networking, as Pluto can denote important “movers and shakers.”

Too, with the Venus-Uranus influence exact today, we may want to consider “altering our appearance,” such as maybe trying out a new hairstyle, or adding more pizzaz to our wardrobe (perhaps something ‘electric blue’ for Uranus).

Famous Birthdays April 22: Jack Nicholson (74), Glen Campbell (75).

Happy Earth Day! Enjoy your weekend!

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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