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“The problem with communication is the illusion that it occurred.” George Bernard Shaw

Isn’t that a wonderful quote? We think that we’re communicating, but in reality, we’re not. It’s all but a fantasy. A mirage. A product of our delusional, vulnerable minds. No one’s really listening to us. Or, vice versa. Not even our own mothers. 🙂

However, there is some hope that all this may begin to change today, that communications may start garnering some measure of respectability again, and that we can begin moving forward with our brilliant ideas, as messenger Mercury is finally stationing direct in “mildly manic” Aries (6:04 am EDT) after roughly a three-week retrograde cycle.

Generally, whenever Mercury stations direct, information that was earlier withheld or filtered from us, begins to appear. However, we are still well-advised to proceed cautiously now, and wait a few days before really acting on this newly-acquired knowledge. Too, what we should do now is use the next few days to seriously reflect upon all this new information that is coming our way. (Mercury will also not officially be out of its’ “shadow period,” back to the degree that it originally went retrograde at, until May 11th.)

Of course, nothing in life is ever simple. There are always unnerving complications. Today, is no exception. Mercury is stationing direct at 12 degrees of Aries exactly in opposition to delaying, restrictive Saturn at 12 degrees of partnership Libra. With Mercury-Saturn, we can experience communication blockages (just what we all wanted to hear, right?). We may also feel more serious and sensitive, and may even want to withdraw from others, in order to be by our lovable, lonesome selves. However, since Mercury-Saturn is great energy for focused concentration, this may not be such a bad idea to temporarily go into seclusion, especially if we have some important tasks to do that could use our undivided attention.

Too, the Moon is in “work till you drop” Capricorn, Saturn’s home turf, and she’s not really a happy camper there, forming squares to Saturn, Mercury Mars, and Jupiter. In the end, we likely “progress” today by being productive and responsible (Saturn). With that said, love goddess Venus is still in a conjunction with wild Uranus in spontaneous Aries, so things could also conceivably get a little interesting in the romance department, given the opportunity. Venus-Uranus helps to shatter our inhibitions.

Famous Birthdays April 23rd: George Lopez (50), Michael Moore (57), Shirley Temple Black (83), late Roy Orbison (75)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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