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“He he would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment.” Meister Eckhart

The Moon vacates practical Capricorn for objective Aquarius (2:00 pm EDT) allowing us to experience more of an emotional detachment with respect to our feelings. Mercury in energetic Aries also continues its opposition to serious Saturn in partnership Libra, perhaps inclining us to want to discuss more substantive (Saturn) issues with our mates, including maybe commitment? (Saturn)

This is also an excellent day for studying history or science, or for learning new technology. Too, it could be that with the smart Aquarian Moon, we are able to masterfully detect where the Easter bunny has hidden all the eggs. 🙂 Too, for those who celebrate it, Happy Easter!

Famous Birthdays April 24th: Shirley MacLaine (77), Barbra Streisand (69). BTW, Barbara’s horoscope is very similar to my own. We both have Sun in Taurus, Moon in Leo, and an Aries Rising. Too, I have always personally identified with Barbra, since I was a child. I think her personality is a lot like mine, particularly her sense of humor. Unfortunately though, for me, I cannot sing and I don’t have her kind of money. Also, I wish I had a man like James Brolin!

Too, a peek at Shirley MacLaine’s horoscope reveals that she has an analytical Virgo Moon conjunct mystical Neptune, perhaps why she doesn’t mind “going out on a limb” discussing her spiritual beliefs before the public (Moon). Of course, she is also regarded, by some, as being a little bit “spacey” (Neptune). The Moon not only rules the public, but it also governs our public image. Shirley also has expansive Jupiter in Libra in her first house, giving her grand creative (Libra) talents ( as both a performing artist and writer), and also making her a natural teacher (Jupiter). Additionally, she has innate ability as a “peacemaker” and “diplomat.” (Jupiter in Libra)

Oprah Winfrey recently had Shirley MacLaine on her program. Did you see the show? Oprah mentioned to Shirley that it was Shirley’s book, “Out On A Limb,” that significantly altered her own thinking on religion and spirituality. I was really surprised to hear her say that. Shirley also talked on the Oprah Show about her experience with “UFO’s.”

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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