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“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman


“Connection queen” Venus, symbolizing the urge for love and beauty in our lives, is forming a powerhouse conjunction to “passionate” Pluto in “worldly ambitious” Capricorn on Feb. 9, 2011 at 8:49 pm EST. Our relationships (Venus) can serve as potent transformers (Pluto) for us now, with Pluto governing the urge for regeneration or renewal.

We potentially have more of a palpable need for intense emotional (Pluto) experiences with this configuration, especially on the romantic and social fronts (Venus). But, perhaps, even in the boardroom (Capricorn). What has been buried and hidden in our subconscious (Pluto), our deepest sequestered desires and feelings, could suddenly rise to the surface now, filtering through to our conscious awareness, beckoning us for immediate processing or at least closer scrutiny.

It could also be a turning point time for us, in terms of coming to an understanding about what we need from others in the way of love or intimacy. May also include some “aha” moments regarding what we may be able to give or commit to where others are concerned. Too, Venus-Pluto can, on occasion, bring us our “soul mates,” or important hookups from our past (Pluto). Even new, short-term relationships are more likely to impact or transfix us on a deeper emotional level now.

Because Pluto also has to do with the urge for power and control, the shadow element of this aspect could find us acting more on the manipulative or possessive side, especially if we feel that our relationships are being threatened or undermined in any way. Venus-Pluto can be very jealous and demanding. Especially in authoritative Capricorn.

Too, sometimes we try to selfishly capitalize on our relationship ties with Venus-Pluto. There can be more of an emotional desperation about us for varied reasons. We may not even consciously know what is driving us (subconscious Pluto).  Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, for example, was reportedly “caught” trying to sell access to her former husband Prince Andrew on a day when Venus-Pluto was forming a tight aspect in the sky.  Remember that incident? Many of us were really taken aback by that event. Simultaneously, it was a tragic thing to witness, the descent of Fergie all captured on film. Also, several months ago, the weird story of the “Balloon Boy” unfolded with a Venus-Pluto transit. That was another story that emotionally gripped many of us and played upon our sympathies. I can still see that balloon crossing the sky in my mind’s eye over a rural section of Colorado. Like so many, I was personally hoping that if there was a little boy inside the balloon, that he would be alright.

In another instance and on another level, Lady Gaga, who could be described as very “Venus-Pluto,” for her magnetic sensuality and provocative stage persona as an artist (Venus rules artists and entertainers), walked away during an awards ceremony in Hollywood last year with, I believe, eight awards, effectively “stealing the show,” on the very same day that Venus and Pluto were exact in the sky. A perfect day to “make a big splash” before the collective.

Venus also rules money and possessions. Aligned with domineering Pluto (Pluto denotes other people’s resources), we want to make sure that we are in general agreement with our mate or partner on how to spend or invest our joint resources before making major moves on our own now. With Venus-Pluto there could also be opportunity to transform or overhaul our financial situation, but we do want to make sure that we do the necessary due diligence here before shifting things around.

Too, with Venus-Pluto conjoined in status-conscious Capricorn, this may be a pivotal time to network on the business or professional front, as we are potentially more capable of making a potent (Pluto) impact on others. We, of course, do need to keep mindful of the image that we are projecting outward and that it frames us favorably. We definitely do not want to be “acting out” too emotionally in public, as that could actually destabilize our image now, or notoriously besmirch our reputation (Capricorn).

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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