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“When there is a start to be made, don’t step over. Start where you are!” Edgar Cayce


As someone who has an early degree Aries Rising, this is my kind of day!

It’s a Monday, the start of a new work week, and the Moon is raring to go in manic Aries! For an extra dose of enthusiasm we also have energizer Mars (the ruler of Aries) enthusiastically forming a semi-fanatical, semi-square aspect to “think big” Jupiter.

Then, as a positive restraining and balancing influence, we still have Mars within range to a harmonious trine to “Yes, we can be successful! All we have to do is be willing to apply ourselves” Saturn. The net affect of all this mumbo jumbo today: Yes, we can make it happen! Let’s just do it! 🙂

“Fear knocked on the door. Faith answered. And lo, no one was there.” Author Unknown.

Famous birthdays February 7th: Garth Brooks (49),  Ashton Kutcher (33), Chris Rock (46), Sinclair Lewis (126), Charles Dickens (199)

Patrice Thompson

copyright 2011

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