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This Date In History:

November 13, 1979:

Ronald Reagan announces in New York his “candidacy for president.”

The “Illuminating” Sun is in “Transforming” Scorpio and exactly conjunct “Rebel” Uranus.

The Sun, as ruler of Leo, represent leaders and authority figures. Non-Traditional Uranus, as ruler of Futuristic Aquarius (Reagan’s “Sun-sign”), signifies “change” and “revolution.” Scorpio is also the sign that rules taxes, debt, credit, and investments.

On days when the Sun and Uranus are conjoined, we tend to witness a “departure from the past,” in terms of leadership matters, and often “sudden developments” or “breakthroughs” that can lead us down new paths.

Reagan went on to win the U.S. presidency, the following year, and ended up serving two complete terms in office from January 21, 1981 to January 21, 1989. His presidency has been termed the “Reagan Revolution” (Uranus) as it was regarded to have initiated a “political realignment” both within the U.S. and beyond in favor of his brand of conservatism and free markets.

Pioneering Mars was also strong in Theatrical Leo that day, and Reagan was previously “an actor” before becoming governor of California. Mars in Leo can usher in more “colorful” and “charismatic” leadership.

The Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and the North Node were also all in practical, “no frills” Virgo, maybe helping to foster more an acceptance of a message, on the part of the public, of a more “scaled down” type of government agenda and economic philosophy.

“Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.” Ronald Reagan

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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