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Cosmic Word Of The Day: Frisky

(Moon in Pisces, Moon sextile Pluto. Venus in Libra semi-square to Mars in Sagittarius.)

Frisky: 1) lively; frolicsome; playful

“The Bewitching Moon enters Fantasy Pisces (5:25 am EST). The Moon also sextiles Intense Pluto (12:58 pm EST), kindling our physical desires. Later, Love Goddess Venus in Relationship Libra forms a semi-square to Sexual Mars in Adventurous Sagittarius (9:57 pm EST). Our mood becomes even more playful, but we need to be careful that we don’t get too frisky, as we could drive away or alienate the object of our desires.”

“She wore far too much rouge last night and not quite enough clothes.  That is always a sign of despair in a woman.” Oscar Wilde

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

Oscar Wilde; http://thinkexist.com/quotes/with/keyword/too_much/

frisky: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/frisky

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