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This Date In History:

November 12, 1970:

Scientists perform the first artificial synthesis of a live cell.

Mental Mercury, governing logic and reasoning ability, is in Investigative Scorpio, the sign of DNA, regeneration, and the mysteries of life. Mercury, at 29 degrees of Scorpio, is exactly sextile to Scorpio’s ruler Pluto, at 29 degrees of Analytical Virgo, which is also the sign of physical health. (The harmonious 60 degree sextile aspect signifies “opportunity.”)

Mercury sextile Pluto is among the premier aspects for research, as Mercury’s understanding and reasoning is given much greater depth and focus when aligned with intense Pluto, which symbolizes what’s “hidden below” (life at the cellular level). Too, Mercury’s placement in Scorpio, in addition to its “sextile to Pluto,” was like having a ‘double whammy’ of Resourceful Scorpio energy to work with that day.

Plus, Probing Pluto was in Health-Oriented Virgo.  Virgo is a sign associated with microscopically “breaking things down” so as to understand them better.

Other very powerful, game-changing influences were also around that day:

Mercury was tightly conjunct Visualizing, Imaginative Neptune at 0 degrees of Scholastic Sagittarius, giving a greater ability to creatively “duplicate” or “replicate” situations.

Fortuitous Venus and Jupiter were exactly conjunct in Mystery-Solving Scorpio, perhaps bringing an element of “luck” and “more advantageous conditions” to the matter of research and problem-solving (Scorpio).

The Sun was in Multiplying Scorpio exactly opposite Karma Lord Saturn in “Material” Taurus. Saturn represents “form-building.” Oppositions denote “turning points.”

Finally, Pioneering Mars in Intellectual Libra was also separating from an intense conjunction with Genius Uranus, a planet known to bestow “sudden flashes of brilliance.”  Uranus acts as a catalyst for change, and often manifests it through technological and scientific aadvancement.

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

Source Notes:

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