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“Real love is when you become selfless and you are more concerned about your mate’s or children’s egos than our your own.  You’re now a giver instead of a taker.” Sylvester Stallone

Moon continues in Peace-Loving Libra, alongside Planet of Desire, Mars, which is still harmoniously trined to Spiritual Neptune in Brotherly Love Aquarius. The Libra Moon is also trining Fantasy Neptune (11:57 pm EDT). Evangelizing Jupiter in Holy Pisces is conjunct Rogue Uranus.

Ideally now, we are seeking to connect with others in a more selfless way, mainly due to the activation of “Mars-Neptune,” which can do much to stoke our idealism and compassion for others. At its most noble expression, this planetary energy is best used to perform charitable work and “random acts of kindness.” Mars-Neptune also gives a tendency to sublimate our physical desires (Mars rule sex).

One pitfall with Mars-Neptune is the need to guard against self-delusion. Specifically here: Seeing ourselves as a “savior” to others, which can have dangerous ramifications for our egos and also for the people “we are saving.” Or, another manifestation of this energy: We can encounter someone wanting to assume the “savior role” in our lives. (In my household, my little shihtzu seems to want to naturally wear this hat.)

Historically, whenever the more “destabilizing” or “delusional” side of Neptune’s ray is activated, we often see more in the way of what could be described as “religious fanaticism” or “extremist views”  manifesting, as Neptune has to do with spirituality and or the desire to merge with the divine or non-physical aspects of reality.

Too, there is always the risk, with any of our religious convictions, I guess, that they may periodically sprout on the more “bizarre side.” We simply get “too carried away” and lose sight of the more practical considerations of the “real world.” Or, for that matter, we simply don’t care what happens, we’re so “mesmerized” by our beliefs.  Plus, we feel we have license, “from above,” to do whatever we want.

This “extremism” also seems to be the case,  at least, with that pastor in Florida, of a tiny congregation, who was calling for the “burning of Korans” on September 11th. He has since canceled the event, in the face of heavy opposition, including pressure from the White House to call it off.

Mars is the “planet of war,” and with “Mars-Neptune” activated, we can feel galvanized to take aggressive action on our religious views. There’s certainly nothing wrong with standing up for one’s beliefs. What is often distressing and offensive, however, is the amount of intolerance that often seems to go “hand-in-hand” with the taking of these kinds of individual stands. Of course, it does not have to be this way, either. We can always choose to be tolerant.

Too, what makes this Mars-Neptune energy even more potent now, is the intense Jupiter and Uranus conjunction in Spiritual Pisces (which is also part of the ongoing T-Square with controlling Pluto and ambitious Saturn). Expansive Jupiter (which co-rules Pisces with Neptune) intrinsically tends to make us want to evangelize or convert others to our way of thinking anyway, and paired with loose cannon, rebel Uranus, who often wants to be a “law unto himself,” we can easily go overboard with carrying out our agendas. This would definitely be the “shadow-side” of Jupiter-Uranus.

Also, it’s just interesting how religion is dominating the headlines now, with all this stuff going on above us, isn’t it? It has also, predictably, even made it to the late night shows with comedians.

One other thing worth noting  here: John Lennon made his famous “off-the-cuff” comment about the Beatles being “more popular than Jesus,” when Mars was square Neptune.  That remark, which John later said was also ‘misconstrued,’ also set off a firestorm of criticism and led to some people, particularly in the southern United States, burning Beatles’ albums in the 60s, as well as radio stations banning their music. (So we see with John’s remark “about a savior,” there was somewhat of a variation on the Mars-Neptune energy that I described above. Too, maybe John was being delusional, thinking the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Although, maybe at the time, he was just simply telling the truth as he saw it, as the Beatles were really popular.  He claimed afterwards that he never meant any offense to anyone’s religious views, and I believe him. I also mentioned in my blog yesterday that John Lennon had Mars conjunct Neptune, in his natal horoscope, so he did maybe see himself “as a savior” in many ways. And, in some ways, to many people, perhaps John “was a savior.”)

Patrice Thompson

Copyright 2010

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